The business of design details the what, why and how of running an Australian design business.

Written entirely from a local perspective, this is the only Australian book to span all the business skills needed to start, manage and grow a design studio.

With chapters on Valuing design, Marketing a design studio, Financial management and Developing a business strategy, this book covers it all.

At $90 plus GST this 192 page book is an essential reference for your business.

What designers say:

I find that designers love to talk about how amazing their latest projects are, but never about how accurately they estimate their billable time. Conversely, accountants are happy to talk about profitability summaries, but don’t seem to understand the “love” that goes into our work – because how do you charge for that? And that’s what’s great about “The Business of Design”, a book that tackles just that. It gives clear, practical advice for running a creative agency with real, Australian figures and benchmarks that are specific to the graphic design industry.

Especially helpful is the state and territory based presentation of salary range for each job role, along with average hourly studio rates, and an indication of the hours you’d expect to work every week.

The book also includes industry specific finance information, calculations for charge rates, and illustrative business plans and case studies are employed throughout to explain concepts in a fashion that is easy to understand.

This is the perfect “go to” manual for any design studio bookshelf.
Sarah Cook, Headjam NSW

Greg Branson, the author of The business of design, explains the contents of the book.