Design studios and agencies reach a tipping point at three employees. Sustaining a larger business is easier with management knowledge and expertise, but often there’s not enough cashflow to employ that expertise.

A Chairman of the Board is the answer.

What’s a Chairman do?

The value of having a Board of management is well known. Someone that works on your business while you do what you do best – design. Then add phone and online support that is called on when you need it.

A Chairman puts the two together and is a cost-effective way smaller studios can access the skills and experience of a management Board – without the high costs.

Imagine having access to a 30 year design management knowledge bank that could help you manage your studio, plan growth and even negotiate with staff.

Greg Branson has that experience.

Why Greg?

Greg co-founded Mackay Branson design in 1984. The practice grew to employ 11 designers with clients in the government, corporate and not for profit sectors. Underpinning this growth was the introduction of systems and methods that Greg researched from Australian and overseas studios.

He was also responsible for new business development, using skills developed at marketing agencies in Melbourne and Sydney.

Outside of the studio, Greg has had a long involvement with the Australian design community serving as President on the AGDA Victoria council and as a representative at national level.

He has traveled in Europe, the USA and UK researching the role of design in business and is a member of the USA based Design Management Institute (DMI), an organisation that conducts extensive research into design management, design practice, design strategy, design thinking and design effectiveness.

The research led to Greg founding the Design Business Council (DBC) in 2005 with the aim of providing professional development in design management for designers and design clients. He does that in various ways: as an author, through mentoring, in workshops, online and on location.

The cost

Greg’s expertise is available for $660 per month (with a 6 month commitment). The value is in the flexibility – you can sign up and start whenever you want. Through email and online Greg will deliver the advice and skills that you need to take your business to the next level.

The process

Greg’s value is his knowledge and experience working in and on Australian design studios.

One hour monthly scheduled Board meetings will ensure you get dedicated time to ask advice and talk about your business. Each meeting will have an agenda specifically tailored to your needs and your studio. Part of the meeting will be to set measurement goals so improvements can be monitored.

Greg will do follow up emails to answer queries during the month and to help keep you on track.


“The Chairman program is a brilliant way for our business to benefit from Greg’s experience and insights ongoing. To date his guidance has been invaluable to achieve sustainable growth.”

Peter Gould
Founder / Creative Director

The next step

The success will be in the relationship – feel free to call to discuss your studio and whether a Chairman program will work for you.

Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045