The Design Business School is 32 weeks of online learning and mentoring written specifically for Australian designers about the business of Australian design.

It’s a unique approach. We know that the Australian design industry is going through some major changes. The traditional design business model is being disrupted by a host of new entrants small and large. The Design Business School helps you examine how the industry is being disrupted and how you can get in front of the disruption.

We know it’s difficult to commit to professional development while meeting the demands of a busy studio so we’ve combined the two — DBS is online learning that can be done in the studio or at home. You literally learn while you earn.

Better than that, the units can be studied by one person, or a whole studio can enrol to study as a team. Either way, it’s learning about the business of design using your studio as a real working case study. That means you can use your new skills to develop your business, and that includes getting new business.

The Design Business School is an independent initiative of Greg Branson and the Design Business Council. Based on the mentoring and workshops that Greg has facilitated around Australia during the past three years, DBS has the added advantage of being online. That means the units can be studied where you want, when you want and with however many people you want participating. The whole studio can enrol or you can take the course individually, either way, it’s the same one fee.

See a detailed description and download the course guide.

The Design Business School is a unoque way to earn while you learn