Working from Lisbon

Ola from Lisbon where we are currently working/holidaying.

This year we decided to travel light with technology. We both purchased iPad pro’s because they seem to be the closest thing to a laptop.

There seem to be very few limitations. Here’s how we do it.

External hard drive

Normally we take away a backup hard drive and our laptops so that we can cover all eventualities. However the iPad doesn’t have a hard drive connection.

After some google searching and talking to a self appointed Apple expert I purchased a SanDisk drive that plugs into the Lightening connector. However the device only transferred photos and videos. Back to Google and then a quick discussion with the Apple expert to bring her up to speed on the correct device. I finally settled on a SanDisk iExpand device. This has 32 gb of space and has a lightening connector one end and a usb the other end. This allowed me to copy a set of back up files from my laptop. It gives me all my text files that I use as part of the mentoring and online courses. I also have all the pdf files I need.

To give added security I have an external hard drive to use in an emergency by going to a coworking space.

The drawback is the iPad doesn’t support InDesign nor does it have a decent version of Photoshop. I use InDesign to prepare submissions so this may present a problem.

Remote access

I have TeamViewer set up on my iPad and on my laptop back in the office. This allows me to remotely control my laptop to work on InDesign and Photoshop files. The speed can be a bit slow depending on the WiFi quality in our Lisbon apartment. Given that it is only for emergencies it’s ok.

TeamViewer is also used to access the printer I use for postage labels for The Business of Design. Orders come in through email and I log into the printer server and print out a mailing label. Kathy, a trusted friend, calls by and puts the label on the prepackaged book and drops it into the post box.


To maintain contact with those that I mentor I use Skye. Voice Skype is very clear but the video can be a bit rough and ready depending on the WiFi in the apartment. However it is no worse than I sometimes experience in Australia.

All-in-all business goes on as normal.

Got a question? Want to share your point of view? Please feel free to email me.

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