I don’t have time to work ON my business

I’m hearing this a lot lately. In one way it shows our industry is healthy. Most agency owners I talk to are up to their ears in work. Or are they up to their ears in deep water?
Are they just treading water or are they going under? Have they lost sight of the work needed in 3 or 6 months? Are the aware of what’s happening with their clients? Are they taking design inhouse? Are they cutting budgets? Are we just doing what we did last year hoping that it will all happen again?

If the economists are to be believed we are are already in a downturn because we keep hoping and not examining the way we work.

That’s why we are running the DBC Business of Design Week to show design businesses a new way of working. It’s aimed at gaining, retaining and growing clients.

It’s not a talk fest. It’s 5 days of hands-on, practical masterclasses – there are limited places left for you to get direct access to Australia’s leading design business mentors.

The result will be practical outcomes you can immediately apply to your business.

The content is aimed at founders and owners of all size studios, from micro to large. It will also be of value to design managers and account execs/client service managers. That’s because every masterclass has been written specifically for Australian designers and based on experience working with, and in Australian design studios.

They are practical – the limited numbers mean the mentors can work with you to make sure you’ll be able to immediately apply your new skills. Skills that will help make your business more sustainable.

The ten masterclasses

How to gain the right type of client for your studio
Successful, sustainable studios have a stable of the right type of clients. This masterclass will show how creatives can use human centred design (HCD) tools to identify, gain and retain the right clients for your practice. The key to our method is the unique combination of tools. More info…

Presentation skills for designers
A great design is nothing if it can’t be communicated well. Masterclass 2 develops designer’s presentation skills. More info…

Retain and grow clients by understanding their customers
Masterclass 3 brings clarity to your offer, your client’s offer and their customer’s needs. You’ll leave with a strategy and set of tactics to retain and grow your client base. You will be given HCD tools that you can analyse your clients with and then sell as part of your discovery process. More info…

Designing a purpose-driven agency
In this masterclass you will articulate your unique values and principles. It provides practical tools to integrate them into your business and culture. It provides ways to identify who your clients and audience are.
More info…

How to grow your studio with value pricing
Come to this practical masterclass to learn how to grow your business using value pricing. It’s practical and based on real-studios case studies. You’ll walk away with a plan on how to build a value pitch specific to your studio and your clients. More info…

Writing skills for designers
This masterclass will provide you with the tools to master the art of excellent communication through text. You’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your writing skills using a structure that will guide, inform and satisfy readers. More info…

6 levers to create more value in your studio
This masterclass is centered around levers that operate within every design studio. Levers that can be manipulated to create value without needing to employ more designers. It’s about tweaking your business operations to get better bottom line returns.
More info…

Strategy Masterclass
A masterclass in strategy for creative professionals.
Jim Antonopoulos takes his 27+ years of industry experience as a Strategy Director, Creative Director and agency owner and imparts insight, methods and tools for you to learn the fundamentals of strategy and apply them to any work you do. More info…

How to grow your studio with design-led clients
Friday’s masterclass is for studios that want to do less of the transactional design and more of the high-end problem solving design work. We’ll show you how to use Human Centred Design tools to convert existing clients into design-led clients. More info…

Pitching skills for designers
This masterclass will provide you with the tools you need so you don’t choke in your next pitch meeting. You’ll learn the secret sauce on how to sell a design solution without looking like you’re trying to flog snake oil. More info…

Not sure which masterclass is right for you? Contact Greg.

ALERT: Enrolments close on 6th November

Greg Branson

Greg’s passion is the research and development of methods that improve design management and the role of design in business.

Greg has developed The Design Business School to help owners manage their business better along with showing designers how to get more involved in the studio and develop their career path. Contact Greg.