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Change has always been part of business. Accelerating change has become part of modern business practice. All businesses are experiencing this, none more so than design. Rapid technology change and the need to remain human centred have led to massive changes for design businesses. But this, now, is something completely different.

Change is splintering.

Change in Australia is exacerbated by isolation.

Not since federation have the Australian states and territories been so divided and isolated. It’s seen in states with closed borders; it’s in suburbs classified as ‘hot’ and it’s in regional Australia where others are unwelcome.

What can we do?

We’re active members of the Australian design industry, and we’re seeing the impact of COVID across the country. And we want to do something about it.

Carol’s involvement with the Never Not Creative project and its focus on mental health plus discussions with design colleagues is proof anxiety and uncertainty is taking a toll.

We know it’s lonely at the top, and we think we can help by offering free mentoring.

Design business owners have always been isolated. Attempting to build a business, hire the right team and attract the right clients is bloody hard work. It’s worse as a sole owner, and worse still with the added isolation imposed by COVID 19.

Building a sustainable business

While some businesses are still doing okay there is the looming cliff of business drop off post Jobkeeper. It will impact design businesses and even more importantly, clients.

Design business owners need to look closely at every client project and ask if the client will be able to pay the fees once Jobkeeper stops.

The stats show us that business insolvencies are down; the ABS expects that 10% (240,000) businesses will collapse post Jobkeeper.

It’s all about sustainability

It’s more important than ever to build a sustainable business model. Examine the risks and build a process to minimise them.

Unfortunately the federal and state governments are not addressing the issues facing SMEs.

Job creation programs are aimed at the large employers and will have minimal impact on the bottom line of a design business.

We think we can help

We have been appalled at the lack of support for design business owners within and outside our industry.

To help rectify this we are offering a free one hour mentoring session for design business owners. No obligation, no fee and you don’t have to buy anything to qualify. It’s our way to help the design industry.

Simply email either Carol or myself with a brief description of three major issues you‘re facing. We’ll do a quick review of your business via the web and set up a one hour Zoom session to discuss the issues. Our aim is for you to go away with a clear direction to make your business sustainable.

It is first come first served until November 27. We will respond and work with every studio owner who contacts us by then.

We’ve been doing this type of mentoring for 15 years … we’re confident we can help solve most issues faced by a design business owner.

The first step is to email with your three main challenges, we can take it from there.

Greg Branson

Want more?

Here’s more ways you can get help:

  1. A community of creatives working together to make sure the world is never not creative
  2. A practical guide to surviving – 5 steps a studio owner can take.
  3. Investigate your numbers to understand your business.
  4. Identify your studio’s strengths and weaknesses.

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