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How to gain the right type of client for your studio

Successful, sustainable studios have a stable of the right type of clients.

But how do you attract the right client when they won't even take your call? Avoid selling. Instead build a relationship the same way you build any relationship. Woo them. Talk about their business and empathise with their challenges. Then tell them your story and how you can work with them to benefit their business.

It's not about new business development. It's about developing new client relationships.

This is exactly the thinking clients expressed in our recent UNseminar titled 'What clients think'. Our panel of three clients all said they wanted a relationship with the designer. They weren’t just looking for a supplier; they wanted someone they could trust to understand their business and work with them. So how do you develop client relationships? It begins with understanding exactly what job they need done and then developing empathy that shows how design can give them gains while relieving their pains.
In this masterclass we use human centred design tools specifically adapted by the DBC. We will show you how to analyse the REAL job the client needs done. We then show how to convert that analysis to a client empathy map. From this we understand the pains and gains that the client has. The decision making matrix then shows us how to explain your solution to their pains to get the answer you want - new business.

Why bother?

Because you're a studio owner that needs new, better clients

Because you deal with clients daily

Because you have to balance delivering creative solutions and managing client expectations

Because you know understanding your clients and what makes them accept or reject a design solution will help future-proof your business.

Why now?

Because you don't like new business development and you need to find a different solution

Because your current client relationships are stressful for both you and your client

Because you're frustrated not getting designs approved and that impacts on your mental health

Because you're unsure what blocks client approvals.

What you'll gain

Presentation notes

Ability to analyse what job the client really needs done

Skills to convert analysis into an empathy map

An understanding of a client's pains and gains and how they can be used

Tools to convert pains into new business

Understanding how clients make decisions.

Everyone is talking about Human Centred Design but how do HCD tools relate to a design studio? We'll show you – this masterclass will show how creatives can use HCD tools to identify, gain and retain the right type of client for your practice.

Greg explains more in this short video.

Got enough to know you want in? Use the link below to book now – we're limiting each masterclass to 25 participants.

Meet the presenters

This masterclass has been written specifically for designers by Greg Branson and Carol Mackay – two of Australia’s leading design business mentors, writers and researchers. Their experience in working with, researching and analysing Australian design businesses is unrivalled.


Greg Branson

Greg uses his expertise in design management to help designers and business owners manage their studios more effectively. Over the past decade he has mentored hundreds of designers making him a walking database of the Australian design industry.

Carol Mackay

Carol Mackay

After 30+ years running a graphic design firm, Carol pivoted from client-focused projects to consult to the design industry. She uses her experience, and research, to help designers build robust, sustainable businesses, and help businesses integrate, and profit from, design.


How to gain the right type of client for your studio

A hands-on practical masterclass limited to 25 participants.
Monday 11 November • 10am - 4pm • $600 + GST

Use this link for more information and book your place