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Presentation skills for designers

The ability to speak well in front of an audience is a valuable asset for those that can do it and a costly liability for those that can’t. Thankfully public speaking is a skill that can be learned, and this masterclass provides tools that you can put to use immediately.

With ongoing digital disruption and the emergence of the gig economy we’ve seen significant changes in the design industry. As such, communicating about design has become more important than aesthetics. To keep up with this transformation, design businesses must be able to successfully present design concepts, ideas and solutions.

Presentation skills are vital when explaining your processes and procedures to clients and prospects. More importantly, an ability to present well will help you to effectively get your message across and enable you to influence clients.

This masterclass is an opportunity for you to learn how to become a better design communicator by developing your presentation skills. There will be several opportunities for you to speak in front of an audience and you’ll be given the chance to craft a short presentation.

Why bother?

Because you want to be convincing in all your client interactions

Because you want to service your clients and internal stakeholders effectively, which often requires plenty of back and forth communication

Because you want to learn to be more confident in presenting solutions to solve a client’s pain-points

Because you want to develop the power of persuasion, which will help you to manage existing clients and win new ones

Because you want to have a competitive edge in the market.

Why now?

Because designers need to be able to demonstrate what sets them apart in their design practice; this workshop will give you the skills to show who you really are

Because designers need to be able to explain their purpose and recommend solutions; this workshop will give you the tools to focus your message

Because designers need to create value and achieve meaningful results; this workshop will help you to be heard and understood.

What you'll gain

The ability to construct a presentation with words that will persuade your audience to take action

The skills to take control of your nerves and breathing to own the room and leave a lasting impression

A better understanding of how to answer questions and speak impromptu

An understating of how to apply storytelling in presentation

Practical skills you can apply immediately through an easy to follow structure.

Meet the presenters

The fear of public speaking has always been something I’ve known I needed to face and work on. There’s something deep, dark and ancient about the feeling in your gut when someone asks “Can you say a few words?”

What Serpil and James did was provide me with techniques to think differently about what I was saying, my approach and how to connect with my audience. The main take home was we are all story tellers, you’ve got to believe in what you are saying and your audience will come along with you for the ride. Which I was able to do the very same night of their seminar, great timing!

Tyson Sheean

Tyson Sheean Creative


Presentation skills for designers

A hands-on practical masterclass limited to 25 participants.
Monday 11 November • 10am - 4pm • $600 + GST

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