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Retain and grow clients by understanding their customers

This masterclass will help your persuade clients to make decisions based on objectivity not subjectivity.

We can second guess what a client wants or we can research, document and discuss. We know which of these a client would prefer.

Now, more than ever, design proposals need to be supported by research and evidence that defines the clients real needs. And in a world of collaboration and co-creation, we need skills and tools to help understand clients, their markets and their customers. We have a methodology for this – this masterclass shares a human centred design tool designers can use to understand their clients customers.

Journey mapping is a practical, human centred design tool valuable for every designer to understand and then sell as part of their discovery process. It’s a problem-solving skill to identify the path our clients customers take in buying or using a product or service.

Why bother?

Because you need to identify how your studio differs from your competitors

Because you want to demonstrate the value design adds to a client

Because you want to move client decisions from subjective to objective

Because you want to deliver creative solutions based on customer expectations rather than client perceptions

Because you have a commitment to quality, a great client experience and profit.

Why now?

Because everyone is talking about human centred design tools and you're unsure how that fits with your offering

Because clients are talking about their customers' experience and you want to join the conversation

Because your client's end-customers have become more demanding and you want to deliver solutions

Because your clients are asking for human centred design solutions

What you'll gain

Presentation notes and skills you can apply immediately

The ability to identify your onlyness – what makes your studio different to others – and how to pitch that to clients

How designers can use human centred design tools to sell more design

How to get a deeper understanding of your clients’ customers

How to convert customer pains into new projects.

Gaining, retaining and growing the best clients with the best work is a sure way to build a sustainable design business. This masterclass starts by understanding you and what you have to offer a client. Then we spend time understanding your client and their customers. You'll leave with a set of tactics you can start using the next day.

Greg explains more in this short video. Ready to book? Use the link below to book now – we're limiting each masterclass to 25 participants.

Meet the presenters

This masterclass has been written specifically for designers by Greg Branson and Carol Mackay – two of Australia’s leading design business mentors, writers and researchers. Their experience in working with, researching and analysing Australian design businesses is unrivalled.


Greg Branson

Greg uses his expertise in design management to help designers and business owners manage their studios more effectively. Over the past decade he has mentored hundreds of designers making him a walking database of the Australian design industry.

Carol Mackay

Carol Mackay

After 30+ years running a graphic design firm, Carol pivoted from client-focused projects to consult to the design industry. She uses her experience, and research, to help designers build robust, sustainable businesses, and help businesses integrate, and profit from, design.


How to retain clients by understanding their customers

A hands-on practical masterclass limited to 25 participants.
Tuesday 12 November • 10am - 4pm • $600 + GST

Use this link for more information and book your place