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Writing skills for designers

With ongoing digital disruption and the emergence of the gig economy, the design industry is changing fast. Designers are now required to expand their core skills to include writing in many aspects of their work. Design business owners can increase their impact and their ability to persuade clients and prospects through written communication that is clear and easily understood.

Designers have devoted their careers to excellent communication through images, objects and processes – but when it comes to text, they’re often stuck for words. The concept of business writing hasn’t helped, with de-humanised verbose prose cluttering up websites, documents and anywhere else in need of clear communication.

When designers communicate their ideas with clarity – using a combination of strong visuals and words – this becomes a superpower to sell your designs. Dr. Seuss summed it up best when he said, “Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent.”

This masterclass will provide you with the tools to master the art of excellent communication through text. You’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your writing skills using a structure that will guide, inform and satisfy readers. You’re invited to bring some troublesome text (a pitch, a report, case studies) that you can workshop and re-write.

Why bother?

Because you need to convince clients that your design solution is the best option for their business problem

Because you want to learn how words can elicit an emotional response

Because you want to create a studio style-guide for all written communications

Because you want to learn the 4 steps to great writing

Because you want to understand how to communicate like a journalist using the inverted pyramid

Because you want to know how to write a case study, an executive summary, a report etc.

Why now?

Because the brands you design need writing styles

Because you need skills to write with an authentic voice and stand out from a crowded market

Because you need tools to tailor your communications and create content that performs well

Because you need to clearly articulate how you will solve a business problem

Because you need to structure words so you can inform and persuade.

What you'll gain

An understanding of how journalists approach writing

An understanding of different styles of writing

The skills required for good writing

An ability to create the best reader experience

Practical skills you can apply immediately through an easy to follow structure.

Meet the presenters

Serpil and James undertook a series of writing workshops with the studio. They tailored their presentation to our particular requirements and type of work. They were relevant and led the workshop in an engaging and compelling manner.

The Nut Graph, the Inverted Pyramid, the Case Study Approach and Executive Summary have become part of our vernacular.

Mark Janetzki

Creative Director


Writing skills for designers

A hands-on practical masterclass limited to 25 participants.
Wednesday 13 November • 10am - 4pm • $600 + GST

Use this link for more information and book your place