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Strategy Masterclass
A masterclass in strategy for creative professionals.

The Strategy Masterclass Workshop brings together the teachings of the successful online course of the same name, and provides creative professionals the necessary foundations to develop skills in strategy.

Jim Antonopoulos takes his 27+ years of industry experience as a Strategy Director, Creative Director and agency owner and imparts insight, methods and tools for you to learn the fundamentals of strategy and apply them to any work you do.

You will learn practical strategy frameworks, how to use them in your work and how to apply them in your journey towards leadership roles in strategy and creative industry.

Why bother?

Over 500 students around the world from a range of creative disciplines have completed the online Strategy Masterclass course and attest to it attributing to their career growth

Learning the keys to good strategy will help you apply them to you career, business and disciplines

Studio owners who have completed this workshop have gone on to reposition their businesses successfully

Hear about case studies of strategy engagements; the ins and outs

Why now?

Strategy is a life-long skill

Reaching your highest potential means continually learning

You will apply the ideas learned in this workshop immediately

Join a group of like-minded individuals at this workshop whom you'll learn from

What you'll gain

Presentation notes

Strategy methods

Strategy tools

Understand key strategy frameworks

How to solve strategy problems

How to position yourself as a strategic leader

Meet the presenter


Strategy masterclass

A hands-on practical masterclass limited to 25 participants.
Thursday 14 November • 10am - 4pm • $600 + GST

Use this link for more information and book your place