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How to grow your studio with design-led clients

This is a masterclass for design business owners and managers running successful, stable studios ready to supply higher value and more complex design solutions.

During 2019 DBC released groundbreaking Australian research into design maturity. Similar research has been conducted globally, but never with a focus on Australian businesses. It demonstrates and proves how effective use of design throughout an organisation can have positive financial, environmental and social impacts.

This masterclass explains how your design studio can prove the impact of using integrated human centred design solutions for new and existing clients.

Why bother?

Because you've built a successful studio and you're ready for the next challenge

Because you are frustrated with the type of work and clients in your studio

Because you want to work with better clients and better designers

Because you understand the business challenges and you want to learn how to deliver design solutions

Because you understand design-led businesses

Because you are skilled up and ready to develop high-value consultancy services

Why now?

Because you no longer want to deliver transactional design services

Because your clients are no longer challenging you or your design team

Because there's a real chance you will lose some great designers if you don't continue to challenge and inspire them

Because you are impatient to work with clients that value design

Because you want tangible proof of what you know intuitively

Because you're interested in global research but don't have time to do it yourself

What you'll gain

Presentation notes and skills you can immediately implement

Analysis of your services and where they fit on the design ladder

Better understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are with your clients

Analysis of your client's level of design maturity and why that matters

Knowledge of which design services deliver more opportunities with clients

Skills to identify services you can develop to get more design-mature clients

How to develop a studio that gets paid for value added design.

This masterclasses is for studios that want to do less of the transactional design and more of the high-end problem solving design work. We'll show how to use Human Centred Design tools to convert existing clients into design-led clients.

Ready to book? Use the link below to book now – we're limiting each masterclass to 25 participants.

Meet the presenters

This masterclass has been written specifically for designers by Greg Branson and Carol Mackay – two of Australia’s leading design business mentors, writers and researchers. Their experience in working with, researching and analysing Australian design businesses is unrivalled.


Greg Branson

Greg uses his expertise in design management to help designers and business owners manage their studios more effectively. Over the past decade he has mentored hundreds of designers making him a walking database of the Australian design industry.

Carol Mackay

Carol Mackay

After 30+ years running a graphic design firm, Carol pivoted from client-focused projects to consult to the design industry. She uses her experience, and research, to help designers build robust, sustainable businesses, and help businesses integrate, and profit from, design.


How to grow your studio with design-led clients

A hands-on practical masterclass limited to 25 participants.
Friday 15 November • 10am - 4pm • $600 + GST

Use this link for more information and book your place