Business of Design Week 2019

The Design Business Council was founded to promote the value of design in successful and sustainable businesses.
We’re going to do that with the inaugural Business of Design Week.

What’s it all about?

Demonstrating better design equals better business

We understand the difficulty of proving the return on design investment.
We will present workshops and case studies that show how to prove design creates better businesses.

Demonstrating the role of design across industry sectors

We understand most people think design is only relevant to limited sectors.
Our Design Maturity Index workshop will demonstrate that design has a role across all industry sectors and in every part of Australian businesses.

Demonstrating how design adds value to business

We understand how hard it is to sell design services, let alone identify any return on investment.
We have workshops and case-studies to demystify the role of design.

Demonstrating why design makes businesses resilient

We understand every business is in the midst of disruption.
We can demonstrate how designing systems and processes makes businesses more resilient to change, and that makes them more sustainable.

When: October 2019
Location: To be advised.

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