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We’re all about helping build the design community so if you’d like to connect, collaborate or simply chat about our industry, just reach out. We’re always interested to hear what you’ve got to say and share what we know, even if we don’t end up working together.

Working together

We consult to creative business owners, sharing our experience (of owning and running a design studio), research, and insights (from a decade spent mentoring many Australian creative business owners).

Our onlyness is our knowledge of the Australian design industry. We’re not just mentors or coaches – we’re practitioners – we’ve spent our career having skin in the game. We know what it’s like to balance creativity with productivity; client needs with profit, and flexibility with deadlines.

We know we have the muscle to help creative business owners because:

  • we walk the talk, we co-founded and ran a successful design studio for many years
  • we know and understand the challenges of a start-up, with tight budgets and big dreams
  • since starting DBC we’ve spoken with and advised literally hundreds of Australian design studios
  • we understand the Australian creative landscape and how it differs to other countries
  • we managed a team of creatives for over 20 years – we know that’s tough
  • we managed a stable of loyal clients – we know that’s just as tough
  • we’ve helped reposition, rebalance and refocus many creative firms.

Ready to talk?

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