*CMMU* – the results

Amber Bonney, Founder and Head of Strategy of Edison Agency kindly agreed to judge which of our submissions would best work as a street poster, to be mass distributed around Melbourne.

Amber says…

It is indeed an honour to judge this – it has been tough.

To confirm the brief:

  • using design to translate difficult climate issues
  • making the complex simple
  • persuade a difficult client (Scomo)
  • lead to action.

Preference 1 – ‘Meet Scott’ by Portable

Judges Rational – This solution takes real bravery and is not the obvious choice.

The natural position is to point blame and judgement however this solution speaks to the human spirit (and the decision makers ego) with a positive outcome focussed message. The “meet Scott” implies this is a person we have yet to meet or be introduced to, a clever way to appeal to the absence of leadership via assertive simple communication.

Preference 2 – ‘Canary in the Coalmine’ & ‘Burning Frog’ by Adele Del Signore

Judges Rational – The naivety of the illustration style and subject matter makes the strength of the messaging even more potent.

The juxtaposition between the “Wake Up” headline and the innocence of the animals in forbidding situations creates great tension and appeal. The composition is simple and the viewer does not need to understand the metaphors intuitively in order to understand its intent; very clever with high visual impact at scale.

In summary:

There are some really great ideas here but I felt the audience was perhaps interoperated as “preaching to the converted” so my choices are those that would have appeal to a leader without leading to humiliation – thus potentially more chance of positive action.

Preference 1: Portable

Leading with solutions


The PM who led us out


Tackling climate change

This is a studio submission from Portable in Collingwood. We came together as a studio to approach this brief from the position of understanding, empathising and reasoning (as opposed to blaming, shaming and attacking). And, as the main person in power, we are directing our efforts at Scott Morrison himself.

Portable is a Certified B Corporation who use design and technology for positive impact. Their work helps people in areas like mental health, justice and the public sector.

Adele Del Signore

Canary in the coalmine

After the toxic smoke haze event from the summer fires, I started to feel like an unwitting test subject, just like a canary in a coalmine. These thoughts were echoed by Margaret Renki (The New York Times) who wrote, “Just like a canary in a coalmine, inaction on global warming make us unwilling test subjects while the government deliberates on policy. Eventually the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time”.

The evidence for rapid climate change is undeniable and our summer fires were the ‘wake up’ call. It’s time to act on the facts.


Boiling frog

The boiling frog phenomenon is a perfect analogy for our Government’s inadequate response to the climate emergency.

“Humanity’s situation with respect to climate change is sometimes compared to that of a frog in a slowly boiling pot of water, meaning that change will happen too gradually for us to appreciate the likelihood of catastrophe and act before it is too late.” Said Simon Sharpe of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at University College of London

Adele Del Signore is an independent graphic designer with a deepening interest in design that supports and enriches our community, delivering a positive impact on the world in which we live.