The *Creatives making Morrison understand* campaign

At one stage last summer every corner of Australia seemed to be burning. Many of us felt over-awed and unsure of what we could do. Not everyone has the resources to donate cash, the ability to donate time, nor the skills to rebuild fences.

Luckily designers have a special power that many don’t – the ability to translate difficult to understand data into more easily digested, more palatable information.

We can use design to help make the complex simple.
We can use design to persuade even the most difficult client.

So that’s what we asked. We asked Australian creatives to design a poster to persuade the most belligerent client ever – our Prime Minister Mr Morrison – to take immediate action to stem the tide of climate change.

Here’s the results. Some are engaging, some uplifting and others downright irreverent. All were submitted with references and have been diligently fact checked by our brains trust; climate scientist Linden Ashcroft.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time and effort to produce these outstanding works. It is appreciated.

Edison Agency Founder and Head of Strategy Amber Bonney selected one of the submissions to be printed as a streetposter and for mass public distributed around Melbourne. Which one? … drum roll… take a look here.

Alicia Whetton

Morrison 13:9


Morrison 8:24


Morrison 107:28

I felt the need to comment on the lack of leadership and empathy shown from Scott Morrison with a series of posters, especially as he professes to a Christian faith and is regularly shown singing and praying in the Pentecostal church.

Matt Clare

Whoever denied it supplied it

Alicia Whetton

Reducing emissions will cost jobs

I originally approached this brief from a scientific point of view – explaining the science and the need to act. But the more I read / talked / debated / listened, I realised that most people don’t need convincing of the science – this summer it’s been pretty visible. Scott Morrison himself “understands” the science, and he knows that he can no longer pretend the science isn’t settled, or that it’s a problem in the future. So the narrative has changed to recognise a need for action, but that the action shouldn’t be “extreme” and risk jobs or our economy.

I read the Climate Councils Icons at Risk: Climate Change Threatening Australian Tourism and Compound Costs: How Climate Change Is Damaging Australia’s Economy and was amazed at the number of jobs at risk of climate change. Especially in comparison to the number or people employed in fossil fuels, which pales in comparison.

I wanted to show this in a very simple and powerful way, and used the tourism industry as a comparison as Mr Morrison was managing director of Tourism Australia from 2004 to 2006.

Sonia Kretschmar

Sign me up for the revolution

Kimberley Baker

Green power makes cents

The inspiration behind this poster was this news article, which discusses the link between the economy and climate change. As a serial punster, I used a play on words to highlight the economic sense and benefit of taking action on climate change (such as investing in renewables/green power). Rather than using moral or ethical reasoning, an economical point of view may be more likely to resonate with conservative mindsets, and hopefully inspire the action that we so desperately need.

Jamie Phillips

Listen to the science


Listen to the science


Listen to the science

My submission is based on the affects climate change has had on the recent bush fires, and subsequently, the impact those fires will have on the future. I have friends and family members that are career firefighters, and saw the devastation up close and personal. My wife and I have two little kids that we fear will inherit a country (and planet) out of time, if the Government and world leaders don’t act. My idea was to show a country/world on the brink of an apocalypse, and what our children have to look forward to if urgent action isn’t taken.


Leading with solutions


The PM who led us out


Tackling climate change

This is a studio submission from Portable in Collingwood. We came together as a studio to approach this brief from the position of understanding, empathising and reasoning (as opposed to blaming, shaming and attacking). And, as the main person in power, we are directing our efforts at Scott Morrison himself.

Chun Ni Liu

Scotty, your trophies aren’t safe


Scotty, your solutions aren’t safe


Scotty, your thoughts are a waste

The inspiration for this poster series came from the PM’s inactions. They highlight three iconic moments about Scott Morrison spanning his achievements, policies and ideologies: His boat trophy, him holding a lump of coal in parilament and his usual offering of thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of natural disasters and tragedies. These are his legacy. This poster series aims to point out to him that the future of all Australians are in jeopardy due to his lack of leadership; our planet is not safe and neither are his trophies.

Stuart Pettigrew Design

Weaning off coal


Race to renewables


Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice

As we are all looking to Scott Morrison to show leadership. We are asking ‘What’s our strategy to deal with the issues of climate change?’

If our world is being run as a business, as the shareholders with a vested interest in our future and our children’s future, we want to know how this is going to be handled.

We have focussed on numbers that the former Federal Treasurer will understand and have designed three posters that highlight critical comparisons. The facts are apparent so we are looking to Scott Morrison for transparency of information and a plan to combat climate change.

Ali Blackwell

Britain’s big shift from coal

Joel Wellington

You are here

Daniel Jackson

It’s just not cricket

Small text reads: Dear Mr Morrison and Company. Ignoring Climage change is just not cricket. Yours sincerely. Mother Nature.

Spiro Papalas

Don’t worry, be horrified

In a play on words from a familiar song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin, I have chosen to make commentary on the fact that Australia should be horrified by our complete lack of commitment on Climate Change Policy. According to the 2020 Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) Results conducted by GermanWatch, Australia is ranked the worst out of 61 countries on climate change policy. Not only that, our current government has been acknowledged to continually worsen its performance at both National and International levels.

So let’s not worry and be happy, but rather “DON’T WORRY AND BE HORRIFIED.


Adele Del Signore

Canary in the coalmine

After the toxic smoke haze event from the summer fires, I started to feel like an unwitting test subject, just like a canary in a coalmine. These thoughts were echoed by Margaret Renki (The New York Times) who wrote, “Just like a canary in a coalmine, inaction on global warming make us unwilling test subjects while the government deliberates on policy. Eventually the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time”.

The evidence for rapid climate change is undeniable and our summer fires were the ‘wake up’ call. It’s time to act on the facts.


Boiling frog

The boiling frog phenomenon is a perfect analogy for our Government’s inadequate response to the climate emergency.

“Humanity’s situation with respect to climate change is sometimes compared to that of a frog in a slowly boiling pot of water, meaning that change will happen too gradually for us to appreciate the likelihood of catastrophe and act before it is too late.” Said Simon Sharpe of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at University College of London