3 x roundtable sessions: female founders

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Roundtables for female founders is monthly group mentoring online sessions facilitated by Carol Mackay
This payment covers 3 sessions @ $250 per session: total $750

DBC have run roundtables for over 5 years, with a brilliant group of alumni.
The aim is to take the format and make it more female-friendly.
My observation and experience tells me women run a business differently to men, and meet different challenges.

We’ll meet online for 2 hours at a child-friendly time of 12:30-2:30pm AEST on a Monday.
I’ve chosen Monday as a fresh start to the week, before time gets gobbled by others.
In between, I’ll open a designated Slack channel where we can continue the discussion.

The agenda is mixed and can be set by the group - my role is to make sure all the learnings are relevant and practical.

This registration is for three sessions at a DBC roundtable and entry to a curated slack channel.

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