Customer journey mapping workshop

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Customer journey mapping.

Retain and grow clients by understanding their customers.

This practical workshop will examine one of your clients and the journey their customers take. It will be customised to suit your client and delivered just for your studio team.

This workshop will help your persuade clients to make decisions based on objectivity not subjectivity. We can second guess what a client wants or we can research, document and discuss. We know which of these a client would prefer.

Now, more than ever, design proposals need to be supported by research and evidence that defines the clients real needs. And in a world of collaboration and co-creation, we need skills and tools to help understand clients, their markets and their customers.

We have a methodology for this – this workshop shares a human centred design tool designers can use to understand their clients' customers. Journey mapping is a practical, human centred design tool valuable for every designer to understand and then sell as part of their discovery process. It’s a problem-solving skill to identify the path our clients' customers take in buying or using a product or service.

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