Finance in a studio

An ebook to take control of the financial performance of a studio from hourly rates to costing and budgetting.
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Finance in a studio de-mystified

Design studios don’t go bust because they can’t deliver good design. They go bust because they don’t manage their finances to remain viable. It’s no longer an option, designers need to understand finance, at least enough to understand and brief their accountant.

That’s why we’ve written a practical financial guide for designers. It includes all the factors designers need to consider to run a profitable studio. Here's some of the content:
  • how to understand a profit an loss statement
  • how to calculate hourly rates
  • understanding different cost structures
  • understanding different revenue streams
  • discussion about the four most common problems in a studio: cash flow, debtors, profitability and capital finance.
  • how to develop short and long-term financial measures.

At $50 plus GST this 48 page ebook is an essential reference tool for any designer.

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