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This is a 52 page ebook specifically tailored to designers wanting to chase new business.

New business is hard. Most designers hate cold calling — picking up the phone to call a client fills them with dread. Problem is, most clients don’t like it either. In fact, research shows clients like to work with like-minded creatives they know and they trust, but it's hard to build that trust in an online world.

That's where LinkedIn is perfect.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to build a relationship, and it's perfect for designers because it's based on story telling: visuals and words. It's what we know and do well.

This ebook explains an LinkedIn strategy we've used with many creatives to get new business. It's an approach that, without fail, always works to help identify prospective clients and find the right information to tailor a bespoke approach.

It's written specifically for Australian designers. And it’s practical covering topics such as:

  • why designers should ‘do’ new business
  • why use LI to do new business
  • what constitutes a good profile
  • practical tips on how to use LI as a new business tool
  • how to use LI if you don’t like writing…
  • a sample LI new business strategy
  • case studies of Australian designers using LI.

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