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Got an issue you need to discuss – buy a single-issue mentoring session with either Greg Branson or Carol Mackay.

There are not many people who understand the Australian design industry like Greg and Carol. They co-founded a Melbourne design studio and built a sustainable business able to survive recessions and change. They've employed creatives, won and lost clients and travelled the globe meeting with other business owners to talk about their design business.

Greg is a member of the US based Design Management Institute (DMI) an organisation that conducts extensive research into design management, design practice, design strategy, design thinking and design effectiveness.

Carol is a board member of Never Not Creative, advocating for junior designers and internships.

They don’t coach, They solve problems. They listen then offer specific recommendations based on your firm’s challenges and needs.

This is your chance to access their experience, to pick their brain about what they've seen and what they know, so come prepared.

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