Spilling our guts on pricing Lunchtime Learning recording

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A presentation sharing all we know about costing, pricing and profits.

This is a recording of one of most popular Lunchtime Learnings.

It’s valuable knowledge for freelancers, solo-preneurs, design studio / agency founders and managers. Greg explains the practical ‘how-to’s’ of pricing — from calculating your ‘real’ hourly rate to introducing value pricing. And we talk benchmarks – describing the profit levels you should expect from delivering different types of design services.

Spilling our guts on pricing also includes clients. We demonstrate how to benchmark existing clients to get more from every client dollar.

The Spilling our guts on pricing talk is practical. Like all our Lunchtime learnings, it ends with an action plan after watching the video.

We suggest how you can apply this knowledge to your studio and your clients.

At $60+ GST this is entry level DIY mentoring. A neat package of some of the information we deliver in our mentoring programs.
It’s a great place to start.

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