What's the risk? Risk management for creatives ebook

Potential risks founding and managing a studio and what to do to avoid them.
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Risk management for creative businesses

If the pandemic taught the creative industry anything, it taught us the better we understand our business, the easier to identify, understand and assess risks. We've researched the five main risks to a creative business ...

  • risk to your reputation
  • risk of unplanned growth
  • risk to you or your employee’s health
  • risk of financial insolvency
  • risk to your intellectual property
  • risk due to failure to innovate.

This 62 page ebook addresses each of these areas and outlines how a creative business owner can assess and address the risk to their business.

Understanding our businesses intimately is the key for every creative professional. Understanding the risks, both known and those on the horizon are what will help us unlock the greatests opportunities in our businesses. I read through DBC’s “How bad can it get?” ebook and was nodding after each page. Yes it can get bad, and sometimes the ‘bad’ is hiding in plain sight and we subconsciously choose not to see it. This DBC book gives some really great insights into the areas where risk exists, and does a great job in lifting the rug under which we sweep all those things we choose to leave for another day. Read it, weep and then get on with building a great creative business.”
Jim Antonopoulos, Managing Director, Tank

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