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When it all gets boring

In a truly collaborative studio, all opinions are treated equally and with respect. Problem is, that relies on everyone sharing their opinion and that doesn’t always happen.

Step away from the computer

Step away from the computer If there is one thing  we've learnt from hosting two years of 'designerly' breakfasts in downtown Melbourne, Australia; it's the value of simply stepping away from your computer to share / talk / eat with other creatives.  As one breakfaster wrote in an email this week: for me, the breakfasts [...]

What I learnt about mental health

What I learnt about mental health This week we hosted an UNseminar in Melbourne. The topic was mental health in the design industry. As they say in the classics, there was a lot of love in the room – as well as some awesome speakers and great insights. Our ‘UNseminar’ MO is two guest speakers [...]

How to share your super power

How to share your super power Everyone (including us) bangs on about life-long learning and the need to continually upskill but it’s hard to know what you need to know. I can honestly say we have the answer, it’s a tried and tested method to assess what you know and what you don’t. It’s analogue, [...]

The facts about sprints

The facts about sprints There is a lot of time invested devising methods to work smarter, more efficiently and more effectively. Some see the answer in design sprints – methodology aimed at getting more work out of the building, faster. Do they work? Busy-ness looks effective. It looks like you are getting stuff done. When you [...]

Mental health and three stages of learning

Mental health and three stages of learning Mental health and the three stages of learning are interwoven. As we move from being a fresh graduate beaming with confident incompetence to a seasoned designer feeling competent confidence, our mental health waxes and wanes. Years ago we attended How Magazine's Mind Your Own Business design management seminar [...]

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