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Building a studio culture

Working from home and remote working has made it difficult to build and maintain a studio culture. Where we once sat alongside each other all day every day, now we might catch up just once a week. We’re unsure how that might impact team spirit, but one studio we’re working with isn’t waiting to find out…

How to attract clients

It’s such a simple question: what makes a client choose you over another design supplier?
What can you do or say to attract clients?

Can you specialise in Australia?

Specialising in one service means less competition, higher fees, and the chance to be seen as an industry-leader. No argument, but does it/will it work in Australia?

The economics of design – learning client speak

Why don’t they teach economics in design courses? I guess it’s because many in the design community don’t make the connection between design and economics.

Finding the right mix of clients and projects

Most designers think others are working on ground-breaking projects while they’re up to their @rse doing grunt work. Truth is, a mix of clients and projects is vital.

Collaborators or subcontractors?

Post COVID more firms are contracting external talent rather than employ. Do they want a collaborators or subcontractors? There’s a subtle but clear difference.

“Just get the job done”

How many times have you heard a client say that? They have talked to their partner (life and business), talked to some clients and prepared a brief in their head. Now it is just a matter of getting the job done.

How to identify ‘bad’ clients

Here’s an exercise done to identify bad clients. It delivers valuable insights, especially if you repeat it a couple times a year.

Jack Rodger Mentoring Scholarship

In 2020 we lost a friend, a client and a great designer, Jack Rodgers. To celebrate Jack’s resilience we’re offering a 12 month mentoring scholarship to an emerging studio.

Margin vs profit

Apart from productivity increases there are two ways to accrue money: firstly by adding a margin, secondly by adding profit. They are different beasts and we would argue you need both to build a sustainable businesses.

Is your studio a bit boring?

Taking on a design intern can be a win:win scenario. It adds diversity to a stable design team. Designers get management experience, interns get studio experience.

Stepping away from the office.

Stepping away from the office. Here we are in the last week of November ... in just a few weeks and many of us will be stepping away from the studio for a well-earned break. For some it will mean an unattended inbox. There are a few ways to handle this… some are heaps better [...]

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