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Stepping away from the office.

Stepping away from the office. Here we are in the last week of November ... in just a few weeks and many of us will be stepping away from the studio for a well-earned break. For some it will mean an unattended inbox. There are a few ways to handle this… some are heaps better [...]

Skills new business managers need

Fundamentally, new business managers are trying to get clients to buy from their studio rather than another …. so does that mean the only skill new business managers need is persuasion?

My studio isn’t working

It’s a terrible feeling, the realisation the studio you nurtured and grew no longer brings you joy … but do not despair, there are tools and resources to help diagnose the problem and fix it.

Developing a mature Australian design industry

There has been much recent social media comment about the branding of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).
The new brand was developed by a UK firm after a tender process.

How to explain change to clients

What a year. Few of us will exit the same way we entered. Many of us will have changed the way we work. Should we explain any changes to our clients?

We think we can help

We’re appalled at the federal budget and the lack of help for SME businesses – especially those not employing. We think we can help.

When do clients look for a new design partner?

If designers can identify the triggers that make clients look for a new design partner we can hone our new business activities.

Do clients look at designer’s websites?

We asked clients to rate how designers reacted to their briefs: were they proactive or reactive? The results are interesting…

Do clients think designers are proactive or reactive?

We asked clients to rate how designers reacted to their briefs: were they proactive or reactive? The results are interesting…

What clients want to hear in a pitch

We asked clients what they wanted to see/hear in a pitch. Interestingly, not one client said they wanted to see a current folio. Instead, they wanted to talk, and share insights.

How clients find designers

We asked clients how they find designers. There’s much written about how designers find clients but not the other way around … where does a client go to find their dream designer?

How clients prefer to meet designers

This is the first in a series of articles reporting on feedback from our ‘What clients want’ survey. We asked clients a simple question: How would you prefer to meet designers? The results are interesting.

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