The Design Business Review

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

Innovation in our industry — arguably more than any other industry — whooshes past designers steadfastly working on client-driven work. Designers committed to producing innovation solutions that keep their clients products and services up-to-date. But while we keep them relevant, who keeps us relevant?

New business dev. is bloody hard

To grow a design practice, it’s obvious that you need a constant supply of work either from existing clients or new clients. We know that 80% of your growth will come from existing clients. And we know that many agencies have clients scattered across a range of industry sectors

A new way to find new business

In a crowded marketplace, designers need to explore different ways to find new business. Our design value chain, evolved from Michael Porter’s value chain, works brilliantly to identify where an organisation uses design, how effective it is, and the benefits of using more design.

What do you do?

Of all the line items in an estimate of costs, clients seem to question design management the most. They seem to think that paying for design management is like paying for bottled water…

I’m out and proud

Our industry is rife with prejudices. We are a long way from gender equity when it comes to ownership of large agencies, in spite of equity at graduation. We slavishly follow the bright and shiny new designers and we are ageist.

What clients think.

This research report titled ‘What client’s think’ is based on 500 individual client interviews conducted on behalf of (and paid for by) UK design agencies. We think the results are relevant to the Australian design community and worth sharing.