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Proving design investment adds value

Value pricing will only work with some clients. As an industry we have spent far to long selling our services by the hour. We need to accept that our legacy clients …

Briefs that describe the REAL job to be done

Jobs to be done is a process designers can use to understand why customers/clients choose to purchase a product/service. Understanding leads to knowledge.

Building a for-purpose studio

What exactly is a for-purpose studio? And working with for-purpose businesses the only way to build a for-purpose studio?
If that’s the case, I’ve think we have a problem.

Take the money

Many accountants suggest studio owners shouldn’t be paid a wage. Instead, they suggest owners get paid whatever money is ‘left’ in the business at the end of the month.
We disagree…

React or respond?

Creatives spend their life on the receiving end of feedback: from design directors; design managers; account service management and directly from clients. How we react or respond can set the vibe for a project and the relationship …

Creatives making Morrison understand

While watching Australia burn, many designers have asked: what can I do? 
Not everyone can donate cash, time, or have skills to rebuild fences but there is a way designers can help…

Design in business = value add

Most designers are not in any doubt they add value for clients.

The problem – for both designers and clients – is they can’t quantify that value.

Cost on hours, sell on value

Creative studios must cost on hours and sell on value. Selling a service by hours means the only way to increase profitability is to employ more staff and that’s just not sustainable.

Shorter work week = increased profits

It is possible for designers to work a shorter week and increase profits. It’s directly related to salaries and increasing productivity. What it’s not about is increasing stress.

Designers aren’t slaves

It still happens – design studio owners treating designers as slaves and promising the long hours will worth it on their CV. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can build a sustainable studio on good working practice.

What I learnt spending 5 days with designers

Contrasting and comparing coworking spaces to commercial leasing options is a commonly discussed topic in design circles – mainly because rental is a large component of a studio’s overheads.

I don’t have time to work ON my business

I’m hearing this a lot lately. In one way it shows our industry is healthy. Most agency owners I talk to are up to their ears in work. Or are they up to theirs in deep water …