The Design Business Review

How clients find designers

We asked clients how they find designers. There’s much written about how designers find clients but not the other way around … where does a client go to find their dream designer?

How clients prefer to meet designers

This is the first in a series of articles reporting on feedback from our ‘What clients want’ survey. We asked clients a simple question: How would you prefer to meet designers? The results are interesting.

Dealing with price sensitive clients

We talk to a lot of designers and many want to talk about their price sensitive clients. How much will it cost is a question often asked early in a client/designer discussion. Here’s what to say…

Unprecedented times indeed

Designers make great strategic thinkers because we share the attributes of great strategic thinkers. We’re curious, consistent, agile, multi-focused, open, questioning and we have a breadth of knowledge.

Unconscious bias and designers

It’s easy to think bias is embedded in others like Donald Trump or Pauline Hanson, but truth is most designers have some level of unconscious bias.

Designers talking money

Many designers avoid all talk about money because they find it stressful but it’s not talking about money that’s stressful. Having the money talk early in a project means you can relax and enjoy the design.

The journey of a brand

Designers like to craft brands rather than design logos. We’re protective of identities created and like to be involved in building their character. Here’s a great example of a brand with character.

A fast and furious recovery!

Will Zoom meetings become the post-pandemic new normal? It may be too soon to say. What we do know is there’s a high degree of uncertainty in the design industry.

Are we working from home forever?

So, we’re working all from home now but are designers working from home forever? If they are, here’s some things you should consider …

Pay to win: strategies to get new business

There are many ways to develop strategies to play to win new business; some are good and some are really good. These are well defined strategy models that are used by businesses large and small.

What clients want survey

Designers spend an inordinant amount of time trying to guess what clients want. We’ve written a survey to ask them what they want. It’s yours to share.

The future work from home studio

Is the WFM model here to stay? Maybe becaue humans love flexibility. We love the ability to choose when to work and when to play, and that’s exactly what remote working delivers.