The Design Business Review

From contact to client…

So you have a client contact list as long as your arm. All ready for that day when you get around to sending them something to try and get more work. STOP.
You don’t need contacts. You need clients …

One week, 10 masterclasses to gain, retain and grow clients

The Business of Design week gives you the opportunity to spend time working ON your business with Australia’s leading design business mentors.

What does burnout look like in a design studio?

Research is clear, loneliness and burnout are linked. There is much a small design team can do to help a designer that is feeling lonely. The first step is recognition.

Why referrals suck

Studios relying on referrals to grow can slowly lose control of their business. Much better to have a strategic plan for growth, targeted industry sectors and a new business process.

Victoria’s design strategy

Creative Victoria is seeking submissions to help shape the creative industries strategy 2020-2024.
It’s important that Victorian graphic designers submit.

Does the design studio have a future?

Will the current design studio model survive in the gig economy where design execution has become commoditised?

Presenting: this could go one of two ways.

Presenting in front of a client is no longer common place.
Everyone is busy.
Everyone is impatient.
Everyone is tuned to immediate gratification.

The leap

I understand the leap of faith needed to make changes. It’s not to be underestimated how easier it would be in the short term to continue business as usual. But long term value of change is often immeasurable.

Perfectionism, the imposter syndrome and designers

The characteristics of perfectionism and imposter syndrome are common character traits in our industry. Both can negatively impact a designers mental health.

How ‘design mature’ are your clients

Business maturity is a method of examining a businesses capabilities. This idea derived from a U.S. Defence Department model to assess the capability of businesses supplying to the U.S. Government.

Work, mental health and profitability

Getting the right mix of mental health, working hours and productivity in a design studio is a difficult balancing act for many business owners.

Embrace change – don’t just put one foot infront of the other

Work shouldn’t be a trudge. Designers are trained to see the world differently, so why do most of us work 8-6, 5 days per week? We’re exploring different ways of working. Exploring options that deliver better mental health.