The Design Business Review

Do designers all look and sound the same?

We build websites using similar templates, then choose the same words to describe what we do. No wonder we end up looking the same.

Making COVID an opportunity

COVID presents us with the perfect opportunity to review and revise our operations by developing a Balanced Scorecard.

How to write about your work

Most designers choose a creative career because they’re good at and like creating imagery. Problem is to promote our work we must write.

Who said I can’t work miracles

I won’t admit to being the messiah but we can help every design business with the Design Business Model Canvas.

Questioning the way things are done

The creative industry is led mainly by market forces. At its most basic it’s a simple transaction: we trade creativity for money. At least that’s how it is meant to work.

How bad can it get?

This article is about five potential risks that exist in any creative business; how to identify and assess the risks and what you can do about them.

A community of knowledge

A community of knowledge is a group of people sharing what they know. As the creative industry fractures, they are proving more and more valuable.

Here’s the future as we see it

Right now, nearly half Australia’s population in lockdown. Again.
We’ve put our head up to peer into the future. Here’s what we think…

This project exists in every organisation

Every client needs to onboard new staff. It’s the one project that exists in every organisation, and it’s a perfect way to get more from existing clients.


The creative industry I joined is not the creative industry I’m part of now and that’s OK. It’s changed and I’ve changed. It’s been a career of life-long learning, both in hard and soft skills.

Email/call/text/slack… how do clients contact you?

We have made ourselves so accessible to clients — they can call/text/email/slack to contact us anywhere, anytime. It’s hard to manage.

Profiting from referrals

‘Spotters fees’, ‘kick-backs’ and ‘hidden consultancy fees’ – they’re all secret commissions and they’re illegal under the Crimes Act.