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Caring, analysing and preparing – a Covid 19 antidote

This has been a tumultuous few weeks and we are looking at another 4-5 months of it. We have spoken to more than 100 designers over the last few weeks and we are starting to get a picture of how the industry is faring.

Covid-19 and new business

Now is not the time to take your foot off the pedal. Besides, for most design business owners there’s no option but to plough through the plain. The key is to plan short term, mid term and long term goals and strategies.

A practical guide to surviving #2

So, this is our life now – working remotely and meeting virtually. So much seems to have changed but in reality most designers still have the same services to offer the same clients.

A practical guide to surviving

It is unprecedented times and it’s easy to feel overawed by the scale of this pandemic. But the same way you eat an elephant – bite-by-bite, is the same way that design studio owners can survive.

Designers impacting society

Everything a designer does has impact – our work has financial, social, environmental and value-based impacts on society. It’s up to individuals whether than impact is positive, or negative.

Getting design into the C suite

I have long been a believer in the need to have designers in the C suite. However some recent research has made me wonder if we need to work differently to reach that level.

Helping clients give feedback

It is part of a designer’s role to give clients a framework in which to give their feedback. A framework helps moves the feedback from the subjective ‘I don’t like orange’ to a more appropriate, and useful objective responses.

Chasing client feedback

Gaining client approval can be the most frustrating part of any project for both the designer and client. We’ve found introducing a RASCI – identifying roles and responsibilities at planning stage – solves many of the issues.

Proving design investment adds value

Value pricing will only work with some clients. As an industry we have spent far to long selling our services by the hour. We need to accept that our legacy clients …

Briefs that describe the REAL job to be done

Jobs to be done is a process designers can use to understand why customers/clients choose to purchase a product/service. Understanding leads to knowledge.

Building a for-purpose studio

What exactly is a for-purpose studio? And working with for-purpose businesses the only way to build a for-purpose studio?
If that’s the case, I’ve think we have a problem.

Take the money

Many accountants suggest studio owners shouldn’t be paid a wage. Instead, they suggest owners get paid whatever money is ‘left’ in the business at the end of the month.
We disagree…