The Design Business School is where you earn while you learn to improve your design studio business performance.

The Design Business School offers programs written by Australian design managers for Australian design studios.

The content has a minimum of theory and an abundance of practical work designed to be done in-house, so everyone continues earning while they learn.

The Design Business School has two programs

The Design Studio Management program. A 12 week program for those wanting to have a career in design studio management.

The Business of Design – Leadership program. A four month program that develops business skills fit for a design leader.

The Business of Design – Leadership program

This program runs for four months with a full day intensive inhouse workshop each month.

Between each full day session Greg Branson is working with you to implement the outcomes from the workshop.

Call Greg Branson 0412 762 045 for a detailed discussion on how this program will be modified for your studio.

The Australian design marketplace

Competitive advantage begins by understanding your competitors. How many you have, what size they are and what services they offer — these questions can be answered by understanding the design industry.

The competitive landscape

The second stage of gaining competitive advantage is to analyse and understand your clients.
This topic helps you add client knowledge to competitor analysis and refine your competitive advantage.

Your vision for the business

Your vision for yourself and your studio is one of the things that makes you unique.  This topic helps you define your ‘onlyness’ and outlines how that gives you a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Understanding design value

Selling traditional design services is a transactional activity. Selling design value takes the transaction to a relational level.

This shows you how to change the way clients see your business – moving from transactional design to relational design.

Designing demand

Studios are finding that it’s no longer sustainable to rely on organic growth.
 During this topic you devise a way to design demand for your studio’s services.

Selling design value

This topic is all about showing clients how design adds value. The material explains how to unlock the client’s perception of value and then demonstrates how they can get a higher return on their design investment.

Capturing design value

Businesses capture value by converting low cost raw materials/labour into high value products/services.

This shows how designers can add more value through the use of design and how to capture and keep some of that value-add.

Planning for value

Sustainable design studios put tools and processes in place to ensure they can accurately predict their growth and manage it.
This topic shows how to develop a budget for expenses and a sales forecast. It shows how you benchmark against your peers.

The design value chain

Integrating design into every aspect of a client’s business means more work for design businesses.

This topic explains how design value can be added to a business and how to pitch a business case for design integration.

Design in business

This topic demonstrates how to move design from being an afterthought, added after a product or service has been developed.

The material explains how design can be integrated into business at the strategy level.

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