Our ecourses are economical bite-sized tasters for the workshops and programs. The material is just as valuable, the cost difference is because you take the lead.

It’s all online and ready to go when you are. Do them solo, or with your team. But you won’t be without support – all the courses are supported by email Q&A.


The one-page business plan

There is no better feeling than starting a fresh week with a plan. It gives you focus. A roadmap of where you want to go.

Building on the experience mentoring and running workshops with literally hundreds of design studios, Greg has created a business plan specifically aimed at design studios. A one page, fast tracked business plan that results in a ‘to do’ list for new business. A plan that works. It’s practical and it’s proven.

It’s a one-page fast tracked business plan that results in a ‘to-do’ list for new business. Read more…


The Design Value Proposition

What sets you apart from other studios?

Most studios hire designers with similar training and skills, sit them in front of the same computer chocked full of the same software as every other studio. It’s no wonder we all seem the same. And it’s no wonder it’s so difficult to convince a client to buy from you and not another.

The answer is to get clear on your purpose – dig deep to really understand what it is that you offer a client that others cannot. This ecourse centres on finding that thing that you do better than others  – your ‘onlyness’. Read more...


Job pricing for profit

Ever got to the end of a really busy month only to despair over your bottom line?

Do you know your true overheads? Do you know the actual costs to open the door? How much work you need to find to make a decent profit?

This ecourse is perfect for studio owners and managers wanting to understand the real costs of running an Australian creative studio. The practical activities are based on figures and benchmarks Greg Branson has honed over years mentoring and running workshops with Australian designers. Learn more…

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