Selling design for print

Selling more design for print and digital campaigns.

Today designers can choose from a complex array of mediums to communicate a client’s message. The challenge is to identify which medium is appropriate for the client, the message and the consumer.

Added to that many clients defer to digital mediums because they think it’s quick and cheap. They also think that it’s always effective. Research shows that the reality is different – the fact is digital needs print to be effective.

The DBC has developed a program that demonstrates how print and digital can be successfully integrated. The program includes sessions that show how to write a strategy to find new business that integrates print and digital.

This workshop is different to anything else on the market. It uses research that specifically looks at different markets and their acceptance of print and digital communications.

The program has three steps:

  1. Register your interest.  Designers register their interest by completing an online form and watching an E-tutorial that introduces the workshop, the principles behind the program and an outline of which designers would be most suited to participate.
    The program is not suitable for all design agencies – all applicants will be contacted by Greg Branson to discuss how it will fit for their business.
  2. Pre-workshop reading/watching. To ensure designers get the most value from the workshop, material to be read/watched is supplied pre-workshop. This includes E-tutorials and a research report describing successful print/digital mixes.
  3. The workshop. The workshop is a mix of online E-tutorials; a workbook and one-on-one sessions with Greg Branson via video conferencing. It’s begun by completing a section (takes about one hour) of the workbook. That’s followed by a one-on-one session with Greg, that allows him to get a deeper understanding of your studio. This ensures you get the most from the program.

At milestones throughout the program, you book-in for additional mentoring sessions with Greg so he can review progress and ensure the next stages of the program are specific to your studio.

The workshop is completed online in your own time at your own pace.

Who should attend this E-course

Selling design for print is a 12 week program for studio owners, design managers and account service people in studios that have a strong existing client base. The workshop can be taken in your studio at any time and pace that suits you. You can choose how many people attend the workshop.

The program will be run by Greg Branson. Greg was an early adopter of digital technology starting with CD Rom development and touch screen kiosks in 1996. With his partner Carol Mackay he began introducing digital annual reports alongside printed publications in the 1990s. Through his research and work with hundreds of design studios Greg has developed a deep understanding of the dual role that design plays in print and digital.

Greg Branson explains the content and why you should register for this E-course.

All the facts

Where: In your studio
When: At a time to suit you
What: 20 hours / 9 video segments / 12 weeks
Presenter: Greg Branson
Who can attend: You or your whole team
How much: $1,200 + gst
More info: Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045


By the end of the program you will:

  • Develop a Design business model canvas to sell design for print.
  • Identify your market segments for print design.
  • Profile clients and their potential to use more design for print.
  • Write a business cases for design for print with selected clients.
  • Pitch a business case for design for print.
  • Develop a strategic approach for clients to use more design and print.
  • Integrate print and digital strategies for clients.
  • Sign-off a campaign within 12 weeks of commencement.
  • Have two projects in the pipeline within 12 weeks of commencement.

The E-course content

This E-course has 11 lectures and 11 videos. Each Lecture has Further reading lists, Links to web based material, Downloads to help you put it into practice and a Q&A email link to Greg Branson to ask questions. The 12 week program includes:

  • Material aimed at designers working in specific market segments.
  • Background material supplied pre-workshop to be read/watched.
  • Research reports outlining print/digital medium mixes that have proved successful in various markets.
  • Online presentations / activities to help analyse existing clients and develop specific strategies to get new business for your studio.
  • Development of a Design Business Model Canvas for building a business that sells design for print.
  • Take-away practical steps to help implement your plan.
  • Ongoing mentoring to help put your strategy into action.

Duration: 12 weeks / 2 hours per week

What they said about the the E-course.

The Selling design for print workshop was fantastic for my business. The analysis my clients and competitors gave me some great insights that I have been able to leverage into new business pitches and further cement existing client relationships. In one project the research Greg sourced has put me in a stronger position with my client. The mentoring support has also been invaluable.

Working in a busy environment, I found the course structure perfect as the online workshops can be completed around my workload.

If you want a business that is smarter and positioned as such, I highly recommend taking the Selling design for print course.

AJ Hightower – Managing Director, 121 Creative Geebung

The investment

The 12 week E-course cost is $1,200 + gst for lifetime access.


Before enrolment contact Greg to discuss how this course will work for you.