Design value proposition ecourse


The design value proposition is your pitch for new business – it’s tailored to your skills and experience and your clients’ needs.

Your design value proposition is important because it’s one way for studios to differentiate themselves from another.

Studios once differentiated themselves on service but that’s no longer possible because we all sell similar services. Added to that we have similar training, use the same software on the same computers. Even our websites look similar. No wonder clients share their love between studios.

This ecourse helps you identify what your studio does different to others. It helps find your ‘uniqueness’.

Greg – using videos, practical activities, downloads and further readings – shows you how to find and document your ‘design value proposition’. The exercise starts by examining client segments and competitors. He explains how using an empathy map and a design value proposition canvas helps to identify your client needs and wants. The final activity is to take all that information to write a design value proposition.

A fictional studio is used along the way to demonstrate how the process works. Get stuck, and Greg’s at the end of the email.

Who should attend

The workshop is suitable for all creative studio owners and design managers seeking clarity to their offer.
The workshop can be taken in your studio at any time and pace that suits you. You can choose how many people attend the workshop.

Greg Branson talks more about the course:

The facts

Where: In your studio
When: At a time to suit you
What: 70 minutes / 7 video segments
Presenter: Greg Branson
Who can attend: You or your whole team
How much: $150 + gst
More info: Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045

Ecourse description

By the end of the program you will:

  • understand what a design value proposition is
  • be able to identify what value you deliver to your clients
  • know which of your client’s problems you are helping to solve
  • know which client needs you are satisfying
  • learn how to use a design value proposition to sell your design services.

The ecourse content

This ecourse has includes video presentations, further reading lists, links to web based material, downloads to help you put it into practice and a Q&A email link to Greg Branson to ask questions.

  • Introduction: explains a design value proposition and why to develop one for your clients.
  • Why you should segment your clients: looks at the idea of segmentation and how it help.
  • How to segment clients: gives a tool and example of how to segment design clients.
  • The empathy map: introduces the map and the Jobs to be done concept. Has tools and examples of both.
  • The design value proposition canvas: introduces the canvas and shows how to use it with the empathy map to define what it is that your services can provide for your client. With examples from a design studio.
  • Writing your design value proposition: builds on the work done in the design value proposition canvas to help write a design value proposition that can be used to pitch new work with clients. With examples from a design studio.
  • Review: shows all of the activities needed to get the most from this ecourse.

Duration: Approx. 90 minutes

Mentoring support.

Email mentoring support is offered as part of this ecourse.

The investment

The ecourse cost is $150 + gst for lifetime access to the course.


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