We've written a series of short ebooks that are deep-dives into specific subjects we know are of interest to designers and creative business owners.

They're written by designers for designers. No jargon, no industry-speak. Written in plain language and where possible annotated images.

The topics are from discussions we've had or questions we're often asked

“Thanks for yesterday, great to get some clarity on the biz as always. Massive piece of the puzzle getting the code hire sorted, and thinking differently about approaching new industries.

Tim Meyer, Creative Director Atollon

“Yesterday was amazing. A huge thanks for your time, energy, expertise and passion. Our goal was to achieve some clarity, strategy and confirmation that we’re onto something that could be really great. We got all of that.”

Nancy Bugeja, Director, HM

Short, succinct and topical

We keep our ebooks short, so they’re fast to write and quick to amend. That means they’re easy to keep up-to-date as our industry changes and evolves.

It also means they’re quick to read. We include the most important information we think will help a creative business owners manage their practice better.

More info about LinkedIn for designers – a new business strategy.

More info about What’s a fair wage? exploring roles and rewards.

More info about Finance in a design studio: unravelling the numbers.

More info about What’s the risk: Risk Management for creatives.