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We understand not everyone has the cashflow needed to access our mentoring but that doesn't mean you can't access our research and insights.

We write a weekly article, we share information on LinkedIn and instagram, and we've a set of factsheets we're adding to all the time.

Really, there’s lots of ways access our research and insights at no cost.

“I’ve been working with Carol and Greg since 2021 and cannot *believe* I’ve not written a formal Google review yet! This may be because I verbalise my gratitude (profusely!) for their knowledge and insight into the design industry every time we work together.
Through our mentorships, round tables, and volunteer activities, I’ve found their advice is 100% practical, tangible and my return on time and investment has been thousand-fold …

…They even take the time to tailor their advice to my needs and client base, proving their tireless dedication for the best practice of design business in Australia. I highly recommend any graphic designer running their own business (agency or freelance), to get in touch with Design Business Council.”

Rach Viski, Founder, Creative Director Minta Viski

A list of free resources

Carol Mackay and Greg Branson are prolific writers about the business of design.
Here’s where you can find them:

Free downloadable factsheets to learn a little more about…

  • How clients make a decision . We’re often taught just one way to present; and it’s the same way to every client. Problem is, not everyone needs the same information to help them make a decision. This factsheet describes the characteristic of different decision-makers, and what information each type needs to help them make a timely decision. The better you can understand your client’s characteristics, the smoother the project.
  • DBC Hourly Cost Rate factsheet_May2024 Apart from getting the design right, honing your costing and pricing is probably the most important part of running a design agency. This factsheet explains how to calculate your hourly rate based on your overheads and costs.
  • What is the design value chain? A value chain is a range of activities done by a business to create value. That’s valuable for designers because it helps identify areas of a business design could help add value, or improve a process or procedure.

I worked with Carol and Greg for 2 months as part of their advisory package offering. Their combined industry expertise and experience was so valuable and perfectly aligned with the support and advice I was seeking to solving to real business problems in the brand and design space. Their attention to detail and ability to identify risks and opportunities provided a level of value which far outweighed the cost of the initial investment to collaborate with them.

I would highly recommend them both as mentors, coaches and leaders. They are providing a service like none other, one which is truly impactful. Most importantly, they are using their time and energy to knowledge share and give back to those that walk the path they have once walked themselves

Chloe Leatherdale, Brand and design lead