We build communities to help designers network.

Australia is not too different to the rest of the world: the majority of design studios employ less than five people. Many less than three.

That means designers may not gather a huge number of work colleagues. In fact, many leave uni to work solo. Added to that, design education leads many designers to believe we are competitors in a crowded marketplace. We’re not really.

Every designer is a amalgam of their background, their education, their career path and their clients. We all have something different to offer. Sometimes it’s aligned, sometimes it’s complementary. We’ve a lot to gain by getting away from our computer and out of the office to meet with other designers.

DBC aims to build a design community.


We know that running a design studio is hard, but we also know it doesn’t have to be a solo endeavour. Designers have so much to gain by networking, and sharing challenges.

The Business of Design breakfasts are the chance to network with a like-minded group of colleagues. It’s also the chance to work on your business rather than in your business.

Each breakfast starts with a topic. They change each month but the discussion is always centred around sharing tools and skills to help you survive and thrive in today’s volatile world. Carol and Greg – two of Australia’s most experienced design business mentors – lead the discussion. Together they’ve consulted to hundreds of Australian design businesses making them walking knowledge banks of what works and what doesn’t.

Our topics have included:

  • what and why you should do a personal journey map
  • how to write a design value proposition, for you, your studio and your clients
  • how to use your design value proposition to find more work
  • empathy mapping

We always leave 15 minutes for AMA’s: ‘ask me anything’. Nothing is off-limits. Pick our brains about what we know about running an Australian design studio. If we don’t know, we’ll find out.

Want to find out more? Simply email Carol .


Once a month it’s worth every effort to outsource morning commitments and join Carol and Greg’s design breakfasts. For us designers working solo or in small studios the wealth of industry knowledge that Carol, Greg and the extended bunch bring to table is invaluable. I always come away feeling enlightened, reassured, entertained and inspired!

Kate Vandestadt, Vandestadt Design


UNseminars are where views of the audience are as important as the presenters.

We pick a topic that’s been on everyone’s mind, and then we find a couple, or a few, people to share their knowledge. But that’s just the start. The objective of our UNseminars is that everyone participates. It’s a discussion. We are all experts in our field.

The ‘experts’ share their thinking to start the discussion.
The aim is for everyone to leave the event wiser.

Unfortunately, our Unseminars are on hold due to COVID.


Previous UNseminars.

#1: Design Interns: opportunity or exploitation?
#2: What do client’s think?
#3: Can designers work a four day week and still make money?

#1: Designing your mental health
#2: CX,UX, WTFX. Where has design gone?

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