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Thank you for your interest in helping lift the level of public debate into climate change. You can use this form to submit your design solutions.

It will not come as a surprise that this initiative has had it’s detractors so verifying the information we present is paramount. The last thing we want to do is add to the proliferation of misinformation.

What will happen from here?

  1. In the first instance, all submissions will be vetted by Design Business Council. If we have a question about your submission we’ll email, that’s why we have asked for an email address.
  2. The submissions will be uploaded to a gallery on the DBC site.
  3. A shortlist will be exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney. Before public viewing, the submissions will be verified by a brains trust of individuals with a science background. (More detail to come.)
  4. I am sourcing sponsorship and am hopeful that a further shortlist of submissions may be publicly viewed via street posters, street furniture advertising and on screen in cinemas.

Here’s what to do:

Use the form to upload your artwork.

We ask your name, your email (so we can contact you if needed) and reference to the sources for information included in your submission (if relevant) to make the fact checking easier.

More information

This is a moving feast … more detail to come as it’s confirmed.  Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.


Please complete this form…

It is important the facts included in all submissions can be verified. If possible, please supply supporting evidence, for example the file name and link(s) to source data eg The Age January 12 2020 Page 8 or a URL.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

*CMMU* in a nutshell:

What: *CMMU* is an initiative of DBC to raise the public consciousness about current environmental disasters and what can be done to curb ongoing damage. Specially we are asking for submissions of posters and/or moving images.

Why: Because the Australian Government is slow to act. Because creatives’ special power is the ability to persuade by translating difficult to understand, complex concepts into easier to understand and comprehend messages.

When: Solutions to be exhibited in Melbourne and/or Sydney early March, and a shortlist (hopefully) available for public viewing via street posters/furniture and cinema advertising.

Length: Deadline for entries mid February (to be confirmed once Gallery space is confirmed).

Producer: Carol Mackay

Who it would suit: all creatives interested in helping persuade the Federal Government action is needed.

Cost: No cost.

For more information email Carol

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