Creatives making Morrison understand.

Creatives have a special power.

Creatives have the skill to make the complex simple. We do it everyday solving communication problems for clients from every sector and walk of life.

Now is the perfect time to use our special powers for good — to help better explain climate change.

Design brings clarity to complex issues.
From clarity comes understanding.
Understanding leads to knowledge.
Knowledge is powerful.

Here’s 3 things I know

  1. I know creatives are skilled at translating complex information into easy-to-access, and easy-to-digest messaging.
  2. I know learned scientists believe we are impacting the global climate and change is possible.
  3. I know our Federal Government, led by our Prime Minister, is not taking enough immediate action to alleviate the impact of climate change.

Here’s what I would like:

I would like creatives to use their skills to raise the public consciousness about current environmental disasters and in particular, persuade our Federal Government to take immediate action to rectify climate change.

Because of logistics, I need to narrow the solutions to:

  1. Posters
  2. Moving images.

Here’s what I will do/have done:

Ensure what we present to the public is accurate.

I sought a ‘brains trust’ to verify submissions to ensure we’re not adding to the plethora of misinformation out there.

I am pleased to say – thanks to the help of Richard Henderson – our ‘brains trust’ is Rob Gell.Rob is an environmental geographer, Founder and ED of ReThink Sustainability, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an Inaugural Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. He is a member of the council of the Royal Society of Victoria and a member of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute Advisory Board, was a member of the Victorian Coastal Council for a decade, a director of Greening Australia for thirteen years, and for eleven years the Chair of the Mornington Peninsula and Westernport Biosphere (UNESCO) Reserve Foundation Ltd. Rob is also a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for significant service to conservation, to the protection of coastal and marine environments, and to the community. In a previous life Rob presented weather information for thirty-one years on commercial television.

Other experts with a scientistific/climate change background have offered their help if/when needed.

Organise an exhibition of the submissions

All submissions will be available to view on the DBC website.

In Melbourne – thanks to Amber Bonney and her crew – we will have a showing at Edison Agency. Amber has kindly offered gallery space at her South Melbourne agency.

We’re close to confirming a suitable space in Sydney.

(Attempt) to get the submissions into the public arena

Communicating with a broader public is paramount and the perfect mediums are street posters/furniture advertising and cinema advertising.

In Melbourne – thanks to Scott Reinemann of Bossman MediaShout Out Loud Printing have offered to print one of the submissions as an A1 poster and distribute it to 100 high traffic locations around Melbourne. Great start.

There are discussions happening on multiple fronts about securing more public viewing platforms.

Confirming the brief:

Design and submit piece of communication (preferably a poster or a moving image) that educates, persuades, convinces our Government that we need to take immediate action to reverse the effects of climate change.

Deadline: February 20 2020

Information that may help:

Here’s a short bibliography of information that might be valuable in building your case:

Long term inaction shown in release of cabinet papers from 20 years ago
Good analysis of the current situation and the way the coalition is fudging the figures
The link between government economic policy, the bushfires and climate change

How Britain weaned itself off coal – a lesson for the conservative parties in Australia

Download pdf

Another article about how the UK did it.

An article from an ex PM telling Morrison and the conservatives how they should lead. An interesting comment about carbon reduction from vehicle emissions.

An article that shows the global response and how it is shed back to the conservative governments.

The world is watching us burn

There has been much debate about the need and cost of water bombers. Would the requested expense be less than the $2b being spent to repair the damage? Would early water bomber intervention have lessened the fire?

Water bomber funds plea fell on deaf ears two years ago

More information

This is a moving feast … more detail to come as it’s confirmed.  Feel free to contact me.

Got something ready to submit?

Have a piece of artwork ready to submit? Use this link.

It is important the facts included in all submissions can be verified. If possible, please supply supporting evidence, for example the file name and link(s) to source data eg The Age January 12 2020 Page 8 or a URL.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

In a nutshell:

What: Creatives using their skill to raise the public awareness about climate change.

How: Creative submissions of posters and/or moving images to be exhibited in Melbourne and/or Sydney, and a shortlist (hopefully) available for public viewing via street /cinema advertising.

When: Submissions due February 20. Exhibitions early March. Public viewing tba.

Producer: Carol Mackay

Who it would suit: all creatives interested in helping persuade the Federal Government action is needed.

Cost: No cost.


  • I’m asking creatives to help educate skeptics to the reality of climate change and communicate solutions
  • (For logistics) please supply design solutions as either (up to) an A0 poster or moving images
  • (To allay concerns of mis-information) solutions will be verified/vetted by a brains trust
  • An exhibition of entries will be shown in Melbourne and Sydney early March
  • (I’m aiming for) a shortlist of entries to be shown publicly via street and cinema advertising.


  • We will need a team to help mount the exhibitions
  • In-kind help from large digital print companies
  • Donation of exhibition space in Sydney
  • Space to show posters as street advertising
  • Space to show moving images as cinema advertising.

For more information email Carol

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