The Design Business Council has produced two publications written specifically for Australian design studios.

  • The business of design helps design studio owners manage their business better.
  • The design work experience kit helps design studios manage work experience students.

More information about both is below. Need more? Contact Carol or Greg directly. We’re always happy to talk.



A publication for all design businesses

The Business of Design contains all the information needed to start, manage and grown an Australian design studio.

The Business of Design publication is unique. It’s a practical design book written from a completely local perspective. It’s about the Australian design industry, written by Australian design practitioners. The contents are relevant to micro-, mid- or a large studios. We all face similar challenges.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find:

  • the Australian design scene – a snapshot of our industry
  • how to plan a design business – what to do now, and the next steps to take
  • costing, budgeting and (best of all) how to explain design value to clients
  • how to grow a studio, where to get new business
  • financial management, from managing debts to financing your business
  • the design business model canvas and what makes it invaluable.

At $90 plus GST this 192 page book is an essential reference for your business.

Don’t just take our word for it: here’s what others think:

I find that designers love to talk about how amazing their latest projects are, but never about how accurately they estimate their billable time. Conversely, accountants are happy to talk about profitability summaries, but don’t seem to understand the “love” that goes into our work – because how do you charge for that? And that’s what’s great about “The Business of Design”, a book that tackles just that. It gives clear, practical advice for running a creative agency with real, Australian figures and benchmarks that are specific to the graphic design industry. This is the perfect“go to” manual for any design studio bookshelf.

Sarah Cook – Headjam, New South Wales

The book is written in simple language, taking a billion complex business concepts and ordering them into a concise, logical and easy to follow read. The Business of Design sells for $90 (I’d strongly suggest that would be the best $90 you could invest in your design business)

Dave Ansett, Truly Deeply, Victoria

Greg Branson, one of the authors, explains the contents of the book.


Design Work Experience kit

The Design work experience kit has two components.


A book you can give to work experience students to help them through the week – just like a member of staff standing next to them all week, only better!
This book is supplied as an InDesign file so you can customise it for your studio or as a PDF for students and teachers.


  • templates to describe your studio
  • templates to introduce your team.
  • an outline of the legal stuff
  • a list of expectations for the students
  • an outline of a student’s responsibilities
  • hints for the student to get them through the week.


A 20 page workbook to help students complete work experience in a design studio or as a PDF for students and teachers.


  • how work experience works
  • how to organise your studio contacts
  • suggested interview questions
  • worksheets
  • timesheets/diary
  • help write a design brief
  • achievements checklist to record outcomes.

Total cost for two books $55 inc gst.

The facts

192 page publication
A book about ways a design studio can improve management practices
Greg Branson and Carol Mackay
Suitable for:
Design studio owners or those wanting to start a studio
$90 + GST
More info:
Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045

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