Spilling our guts on pricing

Sharing all we know about costing and pricing.

A solid understanding costing and pricing is crucial for freelancers, solo-preneurs, design studio / agency founders and managers. It’s the foundation for a robust, sustainable creative business.

Spilling our guts on pricing is a presentation covering the practical ‘how-to’s’ of costing and pricing — from calculating your ‘real’ hourly rate to introducing (and discussing) value pricing. And we talk benchmarks – describing the profit levels you should expect from delivering different types of design services.

Spilling our guts on pricing also includes clients. We demonstrate how to benchmark existing clients to get more from every client dollar.

This is a recording of one of most popular Lunchtime Learnings – Spilling our Guts on pricing.  The testimonials in the side column are just some of the comments received after the session.

Take this as an opportunity to revisit the presentation if you’ve seen it before, or watch for the first time.

Tips, tactics and tools

We’re introducing tips, tactics and tools to help your clients accept different pricing levels, which design services deliver higher fees and why.

We talk in greater detail about the Design Ladder and how to work out what level your clients are on.

And we discuss design maturity and the Design Value Chain.

Practical learnings

The Spilling our guts on pricing talk is practical. Like all our Lunchtime learnings, it ends with an action plan you can implement immediately.

It’s learnings you can apply in your business and with your clients.

The action plan includes:

  • Pricing and business models
  • Analysing clients and pricing
  • Pricing and budgets
  • Pricing and the value stack
  • Applying a pricing model

Entry level mentoring

At $60+ GST this is entry level mentoring. It’s a neat package of content we cover in our mentoring programs.

Understanding costing and pricing is a great foundation to build a business.

Purchase access to the video here.


What: 1 hr on-demand presentation
Where: In your studio
When: At a time to suit you
Who: Creative business owners, founders and managers
Presenter: Greg Branson
How much: $60 +GST
Purchase: Access the video here
More info: Email Greg


Thanks for the webinar – very interesting stuff!

Jessica Richings  Operations Manager, Block Branding

I just wanted to say thank-you for the lunchtime presentation today. It was super useful and timely.

Could you please send some information about your Mentoring services? I’m aware that it puts me in a certain step on the ladder, but it’d be great to hear about your costs for one-to-one services/consultations. 

I’m sure you hear it all the time but we really appreciated seeing dollar figures and real examples. It shone light on issues that we suspected and gave us some really pragmatic and valuable pathways forward.

Thanks again – I think you’ve already helped us out. 

Sam Wearne  Studio ChenChen 

Just following up after your presentation just now, which was both enlightening and daunting. 

As a sole trader – semi-recently returned to Australia after 18 years abroad – I’m finding it a bit of a minefield to navigate the business side of my practice. Seems like I’m massively underpaying myself for a start. So much to learn!

Thanks again for a really fascinating presentation.

Lel , Demelza Rafferty

Thanks for the lunchtime Pricing chat! Some great stuff as usual.

Craig Devitt Co-founder Hundredweight

Thank you for your time and the presentation – much appreciated.

You’ve lay bare some simple processes for better clarity and we’ll certainly be going over our hourly rate to refine.

Dean Hazelgrove  Strategic Creative Director, Collective Objective