The Business of Design leadership program.

Build a leadership team to help shoulder the load.

This is a program for design studio owners wanting to build a sustainable studio.

‘Traditional’ design studios with ‘traditional’ management structures are finding it difficult to survive. Studio’s need to be robust, they need to be agile and skills need to be flexible. That’s why we’ve written a program that includes the whole team. There is nothing else like it: the whole studio learns together using your studio and your client’s as the case study.

Reposition your design business.

Design has been democratised. Traditional studios selling traditional design services can no longer survive. This program will help reposition your studio. It teaches practical business skills to your designers, and builds a resilient studio.

The content is written specifically for Australian designers by Australian design practitioners about the business of Australian design. It’s unique, there’s nothing else like it.

How the program is delivered

  • face to face workshops to outline each unit
  • online readings
  • downloadable PDF factsheets/activity worksheets
  • The Business of Design publication
  • tailored exercises to suit your objectives
  • listings of further readings/reference
  • facilitated via a slack channel
  • supported with email mentoring


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others said about the program:


We were excited to commence the Design Business School with Greg as it gave us an opportunity for the team as a whole to come together – separate to talking about specific projects. While we were a little unsure as to how the content would relate to all the staff, it proved to be a great learning experience for us all. The staff brought their own ideas to the table and it provided a greater depth in understanding of how a design business needs to run and how we can relate better to our clients. It has really opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for us..
Rikkie Clarke, Founder, Creative Spaces

In a nutshell:

What: a face to face and online program teaching management skills to creative teams

When: 4 full day workshops supported by ongoing online activities

Length: flexible learning, expect approx 12 months to complete the program

Presenter: various

Who it would suit: design studio owners wanting to build a management team

Cost: $14,000 (+GST).

Contents of the program:

The program is presented over four units:

  • Your place in the industry. An overview of the Australian design industry: why that’s important to understand where you fit. An understanding of the competitive landscape, analysing your clients and your competitive advantage. And your vision for the business. Defining what makes you ‘unique’.
  • Marketing design. Understanding design value. Devising a way to design demand for your studio’s services instead of relying on organic growth. And showing clients how design adds value.
  • Valuing design. Capturing design value and how that impacts on profit. Accurately predicting and managing your studio growth.
  • Integrating design. Understanding design is integrated into every aspect of a cllient’s business and strategically tapping into that work.

For more information on the program simply email or call Greg on 0412 762 045

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