Design Value Proposition

What sets you apart from other studios?

A design value proposition is a pitch for new business – it’s tailored to your clients describing your skills and your experience.

In the past it was easier for one studio to stand apart from others but it’s increasingly becoming more difficult. We study at similar courses, we use the same computers using the same software. Added that, our websites use similar words to explain what we do and how we do it.

No wonder clients find it hard to differentiate studios.

Finding your ‘uniqueness’

It is much harder to write about yourself than write about someone else. We get that. This ecourse introduces a process to help you identify your abilities and your skills. It helps find your ‘uniqueness’.

We use videos, practical activities, downloads and further readings to demonstrate how to find and document your ‘design value proposition’. We start by examining client segments and competitors, and then explain how an empathy map and a design value proposition canvas helps to identify your client needs and wants.

The final activity captures all that information to write a design value proposition.

A fictional studio is used along the way to demonstrate how the process works. Get stuck, and Greg’s at the end of the email.

Greg Branson talks more about the course:

In a nutshell:

What: online, self-led presentation for designers wanting help to document their ‘onlyness’.

When: at any place, time and pace that suits you.

Length: 70 mins presentation / 7 video segments.

Presenter: Greg Branson

Who it would suit: all creative business owners seeking clarity about what they do.

Cost: one-off cost of $150 + GST for lifetime access.

Contents of the program:

  • why a design value proposition is important
  • why and how to segment clients
  • an example of client segmentation
  • introduction to the empathy map and jobs to be done concepts
  • how to identify which of your client’s problems you are helping to solve
  • introduction to the design value proposition canvas. How it works with an empathy map to define your uniqueness.
  • how to use the design value proposition canvas to write a design value proposition that can be used for new business development
  • an example of a design value proposition written for a design studio
  • review: all the activities you need to get the most from the course.

For more information on the ecourse simply email or call Greg on 0412 762 045

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