Designing demand.

Finding more work. The right type of work.

This is a workshop for studios with an existing client base who want more clarity about their offer and their purpose.

The workshop builds that clarity. It then works with your team to develop new business strategies that explore ways to not only get more work from existing clients, but identify new avenues and new clients. The result will be a proactive plan focused at attracting the right work from the right clients. Four skype mentoring sessions following the workshop keep you energised and help implement your learnings.

Designing demand begins with a four-hour inhouse workshop aimed specifically at Australian studios wanting to expand their client base into new markets and industry segments. The activities help define your competitive advantage, your strengths and weaknesses and your client’s needs and expectations. The result will be a strategy for growth in existing markets and a roadmap to develop new markets.

New business development is one of the main challenges for every design studio. Understanding your offer is just part of the equation. Understanding how you differ from other studios and matching that to client needs completes the equation.

This is a practical workshop based on the experience Greg Branson has honed working with hundreds of Australian studios over the past decade. The content is relevant to Australian clients and the takeaways are usable skills you will be able to implement immediately.

This workshop is part of a program that includes:

  • pre-workshop background material for you to read/watch/complete. It gives you knowledge and gives Greg insight into your business. The result is a more effective, more efficient workshop
  • tools/presentations/activities during the workshop to help analyse existing clients
  • take-away practical roadmap complete with strategies and tactics to make implementing your plan easier, and
  • post-workshop mentoring via email and skype to work alongside you, helping implement your new business strategy.


Greg Branson explains the content and why you should register for this workshop.

In a nutshell:

What: a flexible inhouse workshop aimed at getting more work for your studio

When: in your studio at at time that suits you.

Length: 4 hour workshop followed by post-workshop mentoring.

Presenter: Greg Branson

Who it would suit: studios that need more clients.

Cost: $2,000-$3,000 (+GST) depending on complexity.

Contents of the program:

This is a flexible workshop. Depending on what you want to explore, the content may include:

  • identifying potential markets: existing and new
  • critically examining your studio’s strengths and weaknesses
  • identifying your ‘onlyness’ what you do better than other studios
  • examining your client’s expectations
  • researching what your competitors are doing
  • creating a plan to get more business from new and existing clients
  • writing strategies to get more business
  • setting tactics
  • implementing the learning on existing clients and new business prospects.


Greg Branson was like a breath of fresh air for our business. Although we had been well established for over thirty years, Greg brought great business insights and an overview of the design industry that was invaluable for us. Without his benchmarking we would have continued down blind alleys as we endeavored to recalibrate our business goals and systems. And Greg provided all his advice in a candid and approachable manner which was greatly appreciated by our management decision makers. He was a pleasure to work with and provided very practical ideas based on his extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Peter Struck, Director Struck & Spink

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