Job pricing.

Costing vs pricing vs valuing design.

Most studios make the mistake of costing on a historical basis. Rates are based on what their previous employer charged, or what they previously charged, or even what they think their competitors charge. Ever wonder what you should be charging? Ever wonder how much it actually costs you to open the door?

Putting a value on design

This ecourse outlines how to build an accurate job costing system based on the true costs of running your studio.

It’s the perfect ecourse for owners keen to understand the real costs of running an Australian creative studio.

We start with an exercise to help uncover the real costs to run your studio. That leads to identifying how much each person needs to generate to be a profitable part of your business, and how to calculate a base studio cost. From there, we talk industry profit margins. What you need to add to the base cost to build a robust and sustainable business.

That’s the figure you use to calculate costs to clients.

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In a nutshell:

What: online, self-led presentation for designers wanting help pricing a project.

When: at any place, time and pace that suits you.

Length: 90 mins presentation / 7 video segments, allow approx. 8 hrs.

Presenter: Greg Branson

Who it would suit: all creative business owners, from start-ups wanting to roadmap their future to mature studios wanting to revisit their plan.

Cost: one-off cost of $150 + GST for lifetime access.

Contents of the program:

  • background into our industry: the facts and figures and what they mean for your pricing
  • understanding the real cost of running your studio
  • costing vs pricing: what’s the difference?
  • job costing: understand your expenses and hourly rates
  • how to translate business costs into estimates that guarantee a profit
  • how to check and measure productivity in a studio
  • how to develop a pricing system
  • how to set up a premium pricing model
  • actions you can immediately implement

For more information on the ecourse simply email or call Greg on 0412 762 045

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