From vision to new business strategy.

Clarifying your purpose.

This is a workshop to help studios clarify their purpose. It unites a team and builds a solid foundation for future marketing.

Most studios start with a purpose but against a punishing day-to-day routine, the spark of motivation can start to dim. Add to that our ideas, needs and wants evolve over time.
This is a chance to revisit your original vision, mission, value and purpose.
Are they still relevant?
Do they reflect your current thinking?
Are they inspirational?
Do they motivate your team?

Having clarity about who you are and why you exist helps define the type of clients you want to attract, and the type of work you want to do. It also defines what makes your studio different to another. That ‘onlyness’ that only your studio has.

From vision to new business strategy is a four hour practical workshop that starts by redefining your vision and ends with a focussed, new business strategy based on your competitive advantage. It is tailored to your needs, run in your studio, with your team.

This workshop is part of a program that includes:

  • pre-workshop background material for you to read/watch/complete. It gives you knowledge and gives Greg insight into your business. The result is a more effective, more efficient workshop
  • tools/presentations/activities during the workshop to help identify your onlyness
  • take-away practical roadmap complete with strategies and tactics to make implementing your plan easier, and
  • post-workshop mentoring via email and skype to work alongside you, helping implement your new business strategy.



Greg Branson explains more about the workshop:

In a nutshell:

What: a flexible 4 hour inhouse workshop for studios wanting to clarify their direction

When: in your studio at at time that suits you.

Length: 4 hours inhouse followed by a month of mentoring.

Presenter: Greg Branson

Who it would suit: studios that want to explore change: their model, their clients, their size.

Cost: $1,700 (+GST) depending on complexity.

Contents of the program:

  • how (and why) to write practical, relevant vision, mission, values and purpose statements.
  • how (and why) to segment your clients
  • how to identify and act on qualified leads
  • how to identify low and high design value clients
  • how to move clients from low value design to high value design
  • how to create new services for your clients
  • how to write strategies based on your vision, mission, values and purpose
  • how to set tactics
  • how to get out of the building and implement your learnings immediately

For more information on the workshop simply email or call Greg on 0412 762 045

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