One page business plan.

Most business plans are not relevant for a creative studio.

It’s because they are often heavy on ambition and light on practicalities. Traditional business plans are long winded, take ages to write and are cumbersome to keep up to date. And they date, quickly.

Not this one.

Based on his experience working with Australian designers, Greg has created a business plan specifically aimed at designers and design studios. It’s a one page, fast tracked business plan that results in a ‘to do’ list for new business. A plan that works. It’s practical and it’s proven.

Business plans are treasure maps

A good business plan is like a great treasure map. The goal – the end objective – is clearly marked. As is the route needed to get there. All the hurdles and challenges are identified, and there’s a strategy to managing them. A good business plan makes getting to a goal is easier because the route is documented.

The course takes you through the route. It’s divided into seven sections with seven videos, all supported by downloadable PDF sheets and a plethora of supporting further reading and links to web resources.

Get last year’s tax return, commit approximately 8 hours and you’ll have comprehensive business plan – a roadmap for your success – complete with a ‘to do’ list guaranteed to get you new business.

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In a nutshell:

What: online, self-led presentation for designers wanting help to write a business plan

When: at any place, time and pace that suits you.

Length: 90 mins presentation / 7 video segments, allow approx. 8 hrs.

Presenter: Greg Branson

Who it would suit: all creative business owners, from start-ups wanting to roadmap their future to mature studios wanting to revisit their plan.

Cost: one-off cost of $150 + GST for lifetime access.

Contents of the program:

  • how to capture your vision, mission, values and purpose statements
  • an example of vision, mission, values and purpose statements from a working design studio
  • how to define the opportunities and threats for your studio
  • how to identify and define your strengths and weaknesses
  • an example of SWOT from a working design studio
  • how to write a strategy based on your vision, mission, values and purpose
  • how to set tactics for new business development
  • how to set sales goals and budgets
  • how to capture the above to write your one page business plan

For more information on the ecourse simply email or call Greg on 0412 762 045

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