UNseminars are unlike anything you have been to before.

You’re there because you have something to add to the topic.

It’s a discussion.

You are as much an expert as the presenters.


CX, UX, WTFX Where has design gone?

Carol Mackay and Greg Branson through the DBC have finished a research project on Design Maturity in Australian businesses. It looks at the design industry from a client perspective: how the industry presents to clients and how they perceive design.

We found 18 design categories that have ’sprouted’ from graphic design. A majority of the businesses labelled CX, UX, Digital, Strategic design, Service design, Digital design, Brand design etc all have founders and/or creative staff from a graphic design background.

So the question is: have we diluted our design value message by defining our businesses across a myriad of categories?

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Designing your mental health

Some days work is hard and home is great. Then it flops. And then it flops again and sometimes it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

Arguably the creative industry is more prone to mental health issues because we live on an emotional edge. We design with empathy and when we don’t get the corresponding empathy we hurt.

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Each UNseminar is supported by an UNworkshop where you gain hands-on skills to implement new practices in your studio.

Real design business problems will be addressed with a group of peers.


CX, UX, WTFX UNworkshop

This UNworkshop is a bootcamp for designers wanting to build WTFXers’ skills into their design process.

Using a real design problem we will show you how to sell:

  • Research
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Jobs to be done analysis
  • The Value Proposition Canvas
  • Empathy mapping
  • Customer journey mapping

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