Where has design gone?

Carol Mackay and Greg Branson through the DBC have finished a research project on Design Maturity in Australian businesses. It looks at the design industry from a client perspective: how the industry presents to clients and how they perceive design.

We found 18 design categories that have ’sprouted’ from graphic design. A majority of the businesses labelled CX, UX, Digital, Strategic design, Service design, Digital design, Brand design etc all have founders and/or creative staff from a graphic design background.

So the question is:

have we diluted our design value message by defining our businesses across a myriad of categories?

Have we confused clients or have we discovered much more sophisticated ways of delivering design?

Are the ‘traditional ‘design businesses doomed for extinction?

Are clients just chasing the ‘bright and shiny’ things offered by UX, CX etc?

Should all design businesses skill up in CX, UX, Service Design, Human Centred Design etc?

What’s the answer?

We want you to tell us. This Unseminar (this is unlike any other seminar you have attended) positions you as the expert. Your opinion is as important as any person on the stage. We want active participants to come along and contribute.

CX, UX, WTFX unseminar
Provincial Hotel
299 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC
25 Oct 6pm for a 6.30 start.
7.30pm finish followed by networking


Two presenters from very distinct businesses who have taken different journeys to end up where they are will talk in a brief session presented by Greg Branson.

Amber Bonney Managing Director, Head of Strategy, Founder Edison Agency

Amber’s journey has gone from a Bachelor of Communication design at Swinburne via a 6 year stint in the FMCG world at Di Donato Partners to Bonney Creative launched in 2011 and now The Edison Agency. Set up in late 2016, Edison is a specialist design and strategy consultancy focused on brand creation and transformation across all industry sectors.

Amber is a designer, thinker, mother, writer and painter – her achievements as diverse as her ambitions and interests. A dynamic and colourful character, she is always evolving and challenging herself – never quite satisfied with the status quo and she lives by her personal mantra “..bite big and chew like hell.”

Sarah Kaur Chief Operations Officer Portable

From a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) at UNSW Sarah started a career that has seen her work as a copywriter, creative producer then digital producer to arrive as COO at Portable,

Portable is a web and design innovation company founded in Australia, that has been innovating business, government and the not-for-profit sectors since its inception in 2005.
Today, Portable helps governments and businesses transform the way they deliver services to citizens and customers in areas as diverse as healthcare, education, justice and the NFP sector.

Sarah is a problem-buster, action-oriented thinker, an optimism-seeker, feminist practitioner of agile and a strong set of hands within a team of thrillingly talented people.

Greg Branson co-founder Design Business Council

With 13 years of mentoring and helping design business Greg has built up an in-depth knowledge of where the Australian design industry has come from and where it’s headed.

This topic has arisen from some recent research done by the Design Business Council that measures the Design Maturity of Australian businesses. The background research showed that clients are being offered design under many guises. The research results are not all good.

This has led Greg to ask;

Where has design gone?

The facts

Where: Provincial Hotel
299 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC
When: 25 Oct 6pm for a 6.30 start
Who should attend: You and your whole team
How much: $30 + gst
More info: Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045