Design Business Model Canvas

Why do a Design Business Model Canvas workshop?

  1. Because other designers are selling workshops to clients and you have FOMO
  2. Because you want to learn a new research tool to help start projects
  3. Because you want to test a business case/new idea/venture/client segment.

This workshop teaches a skill that all design studio’s can use, either to examine their own business or to help clients examine theirs.

It is a workshop for studios wanting to explore ideas.

Perhaps you want to change the way you do business? Or who you do business with? Or what you sell?
Perhaps you want to learn a research tool to help you debrief clients (and get paid for it).
Or perhaps your client wants to change the way they do business? Or what they sell?

We’ve created a workshop for startups, sole operators or established studios who want to test an idea – their idea or their clients. Test whether a change will work. Test whether a product will fly. This workshop goes back to the basics to test whether an idea or a business model stands up to scrutiny.

It’s a practical workshop tailored to your studio and your team. Greg uses a Design Business Model Canvas (a skill once learnt you can on sell to clients) to help you dissect what you have, and what you need, to reposition your business. He will help to examine your clients and critically define their value (both financial and design). You will examine how you communicate, how you market, who you compete with, and the resources and partners you need to do it. You are then shown how to calculate the cost and the type of revenue streams possible.

Communicate your design value proposition

The result is a practical plan on how to communicate your design value proposition to new and existing clients.

Building a business model is a four hour, inhouse, face-to-face workshop followed by four skype mentoring sessions to keep you focussed and help implement your plan.

Depending on what you need, this workshop program may include:

  • background material supplied pre-workshop for you to read/watch
  • tailored presentations / activities to help you analyse your existing business model
  • take-away practical steps to help develop a new business model for your studio, and
  • four weeks ongoing mentoring to help put your new model into action.

Examples of the workshop in use

We’ve used the workshop to:

  • test the viability of new products, goods and services
  • identify the minimal viable product for a new product
  • explore the possibilities of sponsorship/partnerships for a new endeavour
  • analyse the profitability of a new service within an existing business model
  • assess the sustainability of a business model

The facts

Where: In your studio
When: At a time to suit you
Workshop: 4 hours inhouse
Post-workshop: 4 coaching sessions
Who can attend: You or your whole team
Presenter: Greg Branson
How much: $1500 – $3000 (+GST) depending on your need
More info: Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045

Workshop description

By the end of the program you will:

  • have critically examined your business model
  • understand how the Design Business Model Canvas can be used to improve your business
  • use the buy-sell hierarchy tool to understand your clients better
  • use the Design Value Proposition to define the value you offer your clients
  • create new demand for your services
  • have applied your learning to your existing clients and new business prospects.

The workshop will give you the chance to work in a highly interactive, dynamic, small group, team-based environment.

The content is flexible.
Depending on what you need, the workshop may include all or some of the following:

  • Overview
  • What is the design business model canvas?
  • Client segmentation
  • Exercise: segment your clients
  • Client relationships
  • Exercise: the buy-sell hierarchy
  • Design Value Proposition
  • Exercise: your value-add services


  • Key activities, resources and partners
  • Exercise: activities, resources and partners
  • Cost structures and revenue models
  • Exercise: Cost structures and revenue models
  • Testing your design business model


Post workshop

Refine your business model.
Develop your pitch presentation.
Get out of the building and put it into action.
Analyse results.

Mentoring sessions

Weekly skype sessions following the workshop:

  • reinforce the learnings from the workshops
  • clarify any questions about the tools and methods
  • review your use of the tools to ensure that your strategy is successful.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others said about our workshops.

Yesterday was amazing.
A huge thanks for your time, energy, expertise and passion.
Our goal was to achieve some clarity, strategy and confirmation that we’re onto something that could be really great … we got all of that.
Nancy Bugeja, Managing Director HM Group

The program has given me the knowledge, processes and confidence to market my business from a new angle. The program gave us great tools to help sell the business case for design. The program will help us approach larger companies and gain their trust and respect.
Sue Palmer, Founder Liquid Creativity

Greg’s workshop offered insights into my business that led to greater strategic focus and a better understanding of client needs.
Andy Homan, Process Creative

This thinking is innovative and creative. We especially value Greg’s understanding of the design industry in Australia. His commitment to helping our studio (and the design industry overall) improve and be more profitable is very genuine and obvious.
Maryann Howley, Tangelo

Greg has a terrific understanding of running a design business and has developed a process which allows an agency to target and evolve it’s business to better meet client needs.
Mark McNamara, Echo design

The investment

The investment: The workshop is costed between $1,500 and $3,000 (plus GST) depending on your needs.
It will be conducted in your studio with as many staff as you want to have involved.

Cancellation policy: Please note, once travel bookings have been made there will be no refund.

Want more information or register your interest? Email Greg or Carol
Once a registration is made you will be contacted to arrange a mutually agreeable date.

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