Value-based design pricing Masterclass

What’s your hourly rate?

Don’t you hate it when clients ask that?
But it doesn’t have to kill off any discussion about design value.

This masterclass will help answer the question … the aim is to help you have the conversation about value-based pricing. It’s not a one hour webinar delivered by an ‘international speaker’. It’s a practical, hands-on workshop presented by two of Australia’s most experienced design business practitioners, Greg Branson and Carol Mackay.

This masterclass is for designers wanting to shift from hourly rates to value-based pricing

What is value-based pricing?

Value-based pricing is a strategy of setting prices based on a client’s perceived value of how design can add to their bottom line.

Value-based pricing is client-focused pricing; it’s different to “cost” pricing, which covers the your cost of doing business.

In this masterclass we look at how to calculate the real cost of doing business and how to develop a practical, profitable pricing model for all clients. Some will be on the basic pricing model; others will be on a value-based pricing model. Either way you can use value-based pricing that matches your expertise.

It’s a practical, hands-on workshop including exercises and value-based pricing tools. Greg and Carol will help to examine your clients and introduce them to value-based pricing. You will examine how to communicate and sell, value-based pricing. We’ll talk about the resources and partners you need to do it.

What we’ll do

This is a hands-on practical masterclass with exercises to help introduce value-based pricing to your clients.

We will:

  • look at the real cost of every hour in your studio and how to mark-up to be profitable.
  • look at how to shift this to value-based pricing.
  • examine your client segments to develop value add pricing.
  • maintain your confidentiality in the masterclass while showing you which client segments can sustain value pricing.
  • make sure you leave this exercise with a clear idea of which segments are going to be more profitable for you.
  • look at how clients perceive the value of design.  Using international and local research we show what makes clients pay higher prices for design.
  • examine what services can be added for value-based pricing. The research shows us which areas clients will pay a higher price for.
  • show how to have design value discussion with your client.
  • show how to stop clients from asking your hourly rate.
  • do an exercise to help you analyse your clients and their acceptance of design value.
  • finally turn all this into a design value proposition; the guiding principles for value-based design.

The facts

Where: online
When: 3 May 1-4pm
What: 3 hour Masterclass
Pre-masterclass: Some homework to get data
How many can attend: Limited to 10
Presenters: Carol Mackay and Greg Branson
How much: $200 (+GST)
More info: Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045