Research into the Australian design industry finds 85% of studios have less than three employees. Three employees makes for a micro-business that can run lean and agile with little management structure. Add a couple more, and it’s a whole different ball game.

Five or more employees makes for a mid-sized studio and sustaining that business in a competitive landscape needs management knowledge and expertise. It needs someone taking a ‘helicopter view’ while others are on the ground, dealing with the day to day dramas. Problem is, there’s not usually enough headspace, let alone cashflow to employ the expertise.

Enter the design Chairman for hire.

What does a Chairman do?

Many clients have a Board of Management. A group of industry specialists that meet regularly to work on a business quite separately to those that work in the business. The Board is managed by a Chairman/woman.

The design Chairman is based on that tried and tested model, without that cost.

The design Chairman is a six-monthly commitment that involves monthly meetings to discuss your business. The meetings are scheduled, have an agenda and minutes. The accountability is what delivers results.

Between meetings, the Chairman is available for phone, skype or email support as needed.

It’s like having access to a 30-year design management knowledge bank that can help manage your studio, plan growth and even negotiate with staff.

Greg Branson, the design Chairman for hire.

Greg’s CV is here.

The part that isn’t in the CV is the change being mentored made to Greg’s business, Mackay Branson design. Greg was a co-founder and General Manager of MBd for over 25 years. It was his role to set the direction for the business. During a majority of that time, Greg had a Chairman that held him accountable. Monthly meetings discussed business direction, finance and cashflow. It meant the difficult tasks couldn’t be shelved. He watched the business prosper under the additional eye(s).

After 10 years of working with different studios, Greg identified that workshops, mentoring and E-courses helped focus on the day-to-day client-driven needs, but many studio’s needed help to planning for the future. And long term planning leads to short-term results.

The process

Greg’s value is his knowledge and experience working in and on Australian design studios. He’s a walking database of everything from salary benchmarks to appropriate rental fees in Australia’s major cities.

The program is bespoke. It’s specifically about you and your business.

The scheduled Board meetings ensure you get dedicated time to ask advice and talk about your business. Each meeting will have an agenda specifically tailored to your needs and your studio. Part of the meeting will be to set measurement goals so improvements can be monitored.

Greg is available online during the month and to help keep you on track.

The next step

The success will be in the relationship. Let’s talk to discuss your studio and whether a design Chairman program will work for you.

Email Greg or phone 0412 762 045

The Chairman program is a brilliant way for our business to benefit from Greg’s experience and insights ongoing. To date his guidance has been invaluable to achieve sustainable growth.

Peter Gould, Design Executive Officer. Zileej, Sydney and Dubai

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