Choosing a mentor or a business coach?

Business coaches are not mentors. Mentors have a high degree of industry knowledge and a genuine care for the business being mentored. That’s why design studio management business mentoring requires an industry expert

That’s what Greg Branson offers. More than 30 years of running a design studio and the experience of mentoring hundred’s of studio owners has proven that industry knowledge is the key. Business coaches can’t offer that experience.

Design studio mentoring


The DBC has a mentoring program for design studio owners. This program is tailored to your needs.
An initial discussion will identify those needs and set out a plan to address them.

Greg Branson mentors studios based on his 30+ years of experience in managing and growing design businesses.

During the past 12 months Greg has mentored more than 120 studio owners to assist them with business practice.

Typical areas that are raised include:

  • growth strategies
  • staffing problems
  • marketing problems
  • financial planning
  • business plans.

To arrange an initial discussion contact Greg Branson

Greg Branson explains Design Business Council mentoring

Designing demand Graphic design studio mentoring and coaching


The Designing Demand Program is a structured mentoring approach that supports business owners and managers to build their business planning and management capability through review, coaching and business planning.

The initial stage involves up to three four-hour one-on-one sessions to gain the information for the plan. Greg Branson then prepares your growth plan based on these sessions.

Design studio business management mentoring

Each month for six months Greg Branson will meet with you to discuss the progress towards achieving your business growth.

The program runs for eight months and offers over 40 hours of mentoring covering areas such as:

  • an analysis of your current clients
  • competitor analysis
  • identification of your competitive edge
  • an analysis of your current business planning
  • an analysis of your management systems
  • an analysis of your workforce skills and strengths
  • identifying the potential to expand your markets
  • strategies to grow your business in existing markets
  • an action plan to gain more business.

Greg has run this program with more than 20 design studios across Australia. All report the dramatic difference it made to their business.

When: On demand
Where: Your studio

More information
To get more information and to see if this program is right for you contact Greg Branson

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