We write to share our knowledge about the business of design.

We understand that it’s difficult for practising designers to stay current with the latest research and business trends. Sometimes it’s hard to see to the end of the week, let alone ponder future trends.
That’s why we regularly write to share what we’ve uncovered. We write to share our knowledge and our recent research.
We do that in a number of ways. We email a weekly newsletter about the business of design, we share information on LinkedIn and we write for publication. In fact the book we published in 2013, The Business of Design, is still the only book available about starting, managing and growing an Australian design studio. We’ve also written a Financial handbook for designers, and a package to ease the strain of Design Work Experience.
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The Business of Design

A publication for all design businesses

The Business of Design is the essential reference for all Australian design businesses. It contains all the information needed to start, manage and grow a design studio.

It’s a practical tool written from a completely local perspective. It’s about the Australian design industry, written for Australian creatives, by two Australian design practitioners. The content is relevant to micro-, mid- or a large studios. They all face similar challenges.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find:

  • the Australian design scene – a snapshot of our industry
  • how to plan a design business – what to do now, and the next steps to take
  • costing, budgeting and (best of all) how to explain design value to clients
  • how to grow a studio, where to get new business
  • financial management, from managing debts to financing your business
  • the design business model canvas and what makes it invaluable.

At $90 plus GST this 192 page book is an essential reference for your business.


As part of the DBC stimulus package the Business of Design is now available for $30 plus gst (postage included).

Order your copy here.

The Business of Design

The book is written in simple language, taking a billion complex business concepts and ordering them into a concise, logical and easy to follow read. The Business of Design sells for $90. (I’d strongly suggest that would be the best $90 you could invest in your design business)

Dave Ansett, Truly Deeply, Victoria



Finance handbook for designers

Finance in a studio de-mystified

Design studios don’t go bust because they can’t deliver good design. They go bust because they don’t manage their finances to remain viable. It’s no longer an option, designers need to understand finance, at least enough to understand and brief their accountant.

That’s why we’ve written a practical financial guide for designers. It includes all the factors designers need to consider to run a profitable studio.

Information like:

  • how to understand a profit and loss statement
  • how to calculate hourly rates
  • understanding different cost structures
  • understanding different revenue streams
  • discussion about the four most common problems in a studio: cash flow, debtors, profitability and capital finance.
  • how to develop short and long-term financial measures.

At $20 plus GST this 48 page ebook is an essential reference tool for any designer.

Order your copy here.

Finance in a design studio

I struggled to comprehend the finances in my studio before I found this book. It now sits permanently on my desk. It’s must go-to reference guide, especially useful when I speak to my accountant.

Suzanne, Design studio owner, Sydney, New South Wales



The Design Work Experience Kit

A kit to make design work experience easier

A majority of Australian design businesses have less than five people, many of those are less than three. That can make it onerous to offer work experience. We’ve written a package to make it easier.

The package has two components:

The buddy book

This is a handbook for work experience students to help them through the week – just like a member of staff standing next to them all week, only better!
This book is supplied as an InDesign file so you can customise it for your studio or as a PDF for students. It includes:

  • templates to describe your studio and introduce your team.
  • an outline of the legal stuff
  • a list of expectations and responsibilities for the students
  • hints to help the student get through the week.

A student workbook

This self-sufficient 20 page workbook will help students complete work experience in a design studio. It covers:

  • how work experience works
  • suggested interview questions
  • worksheets, timesheets/diary
  • help write a design brief
  • achievements checklist to record outcomes.

Total cost for two ebooks $55 inc gst.

Order your copy here.

Design Work Experience kit – two ebooks

As a student I valued work experience but as a design studio owner it was a pain. This book has been my saviour. It has continually saved my @rse and makes it easier to do something I know is good for the industry.

I use the student booklet to help ease the kids into the studio. Reading the intro gives them time to sit and just observe for a while, and helps them feel comfortable. Outlining expectations, what we’re going to do and what we expect of them has made the whole experience easier on us both.

Rolf, Design studio owner, Melbourne, Victoria


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