We research and write about the type of information we know is helpful to manage and grow a sustainable business. It’s information we wish we knew at an earlier stage of our careers.

We know having business knowledge equates to confidence.
Confidence means you can grasp opportunities and back your instincts.
Taking control of your business lessens stress and makes life more enjoyable.


    Each of our ebooks is a succinct snapshot of one aspect of managing a creative business.

    They’re written based on our experience sharing our experience (of owning and running a design studio), research, and insights (from a decade spent mentoring many Australian creative business owners).

    This is the same material we use when we consult to designers, advising on how they can better manage their creative business. We research at write about the type of information we know is helpful to manage and grow a sustainable business. It’s information we wish we knew at an earlier stage of our careers.
    Our onlyness is our knowledge of the Australian design industry. We’re not just mentors or coaches – we’re practitioners – we’ve spent our career having skin in the game. We know what it’s like to balance creativity with productivity; client needs with profit, and flexibility with deadlines.
    We keep our ebooks short, so they’re fast to write and quick to amend. That means they’re easy to keep up-to-date as our industry changes and evolves.

    It also means they’re quick to read. We include the most important information we think will help a creative business owners manage their practice better.

    More info about LinkedIn for designers – a new business strategy.
    More info about What’s a fair wage? exploring roles and rewards.
    More info about Finance in a design studio: unravelling the numbers.
    More info about What’s the risk: Risk Management for creatives.


    A book about founding, managing and building a creative business

    The Business of Design is one publication containing all the information needed to start, manage and grow a design studio.

    It’s a practical tool written from a completely local perspective. It’s about the Australian design industry, written for Australian creatives, by two Australian design practitioners. The content is relevant to micro-, mid- or a large studios. They all face similar challenges.

    More information and order a copy here.

    Business of Design shortcourse

    We’ve written a short course unlike any other on the market. It’s a program based on your needs and your studio, and it’s not done alone or online. Infact we considered naming it a mentored-shortcourse because we work alongside you, directing your to research, tools and materials relevant to your specific business challenges.

    It’s 3-month program written to help business owners build business knowledge and confidence. It’s based on your current business challenges, and measurable outcomes.

    More info about the shortcourse here, or just email Greg to discuss your needs.

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